Top 5 Best ff Player in india: Best player in Free Fire

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Top 5 Best ff Player in india: Hello friends, welcome to us, not to us, today’s topic is going to be that we are going to give you free fire top player ID, if you also want free fire top player ID, then in this article You will get all the ideas that you keep searching in Google.

Friends Free Fire is a very unique game which is played a lot in our India country, so we will give you the top id in our India and you can see them very easily by searching in Free Fire game, these people have made their own Not only has he topped up a lot in ID, but he has also kept a very good headshot rate in his ID.


Top 5 Best ff Player in india


Below we are giving you step by step all player ID, which you can easily check by putting it in free fire and know how these people have topped their game ID. And how have they maintained their ID.


# 1. Raistar

Or our India is one of the best players of the country, whose game play is commendable, friends, every person in our FIFA community knows this player and enjoys their game play, although it is rarely used on its YouTube channel. But upload videos but they get a lot of love.

Raistar Free fire id number : Raistar’s Free Fire ID is 12022250 and his in-game name is •ᏒคᎥຮᴛαʀ࿐ . Also he is a member of GyanGamingGG Guild.


#2. Gyan Gaming

Friends, this is also on a very big YouTube of our India country, who win the hearts of people with their game play, they do very good sniping, due to which they have made a place in the hearts of people, 10 million on their YouTube channel. He has more than one subscriber and he has made many YouTube channels grow till now.


Gyan Sujan free fire id: Gyan Sujan’s free fire id  number is 70393167  and he is in GyanGamingGG Guild which is his own guild.



We have Ajjubhai on the biggest YouTube of India country, who has made the record for the most subscriber, friends, this is on the biggest YouTube of our free fire community and every player who plays free fire game knows him. Ajju Bhai hails from Gujarat and entertains people with his voice, this Free Fire companion also streams many other games on his YouTube channel.

Ajjubhai free fire id:   Ajjubhai’s free fire ID number is 451012596  and is in the TGmafia Guild, which is his guild.


#Desi Gamers

Guys this player is considered as the best player in our free fire community because it doesn’t hate anyone, and just focus on its game play. Desi gamer i.e. Amit Bhai is a very straight and simple person who attracts anyone with his language, he never speaks wrong to anyone nor listens to anyone’s wrong thing, so every person supports him. And it is considered very good in our free fire game.

Desi gamers free fire id: Desi gamers i.e. Amit Bhai’s free fire id number is 206746194 and he  is a player of Survivors’  Guild.

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#5. Lokesh gamer

Or is considered the highest top up player of our free fire community because he puts millions of rupees in his id like this, Lokesh gamer is a very good person as well as a very rich person who uses his free fire id Work hard to make it better.

Lokesh does top badges in our India every season by creating a gamer YouTube channel, and his Free Fire ID has the highest number of badges.

Lokesh Gamer free fire id: Lokesh Gamer’s free fire ID number is 220528068 and he is a player of the LOKESHGAMER7 guild which is his own guild.


Last thing:

Free Fire top player ID number: With this we end this article, by the way, there are many such top players in the Free Fire community that it is not our thing to cover because we can keep some people inside an article. Well, if you know who is the best player in free fire game, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box so that we can also put them in this article.


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