These 5 Powerful Characters With Free Fire MAX Active Ability Will Help You Raise Your Rank

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There are many characters available in Free Fire MAX, some with active abilities. It helps players to rank up and win games. Here are the best characters with active abilities.

Characters in Free Fire MAX are a must-have item for players. This makes their game even more fun. It also helps in winning the game and increasing the rank. These can be purchased from the in-game store with diamonds, which are the in-game currency. Many times players get characters for free in the events and redeem codes added to the game.

These characters are divided into two categories on the basis of their ability. It includes Active and Passive. In this article, we have listed 5 powerful characters of Free Fire MAX with Active Abilities. Let us know about them in detail. 


5 Characters with Free Fire MAX Active Ability


The ability of this character is Time Turner. A force field is created in the time turner, which prevents 800 damages. However, players are unable to attack external enemies from within the area. This effect lasts for 4 seconds and has a cooldown time of 180 seconds.


The A124’s unique ability is Thrill of Battle. It converts 20 EPs in Free Fire MAX to HP in 4 seconds. Isaac cool down is 10 seconds.

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This character’s ability is Drop the Beat. Alok creates 5 meter aura when his ability is activated. Movement speed is increased by 10% and 5HP/sec is restored for 5 seconds. Its cooldown time is 45 seconds.


The name of the ability of Clue is Tracing Steps. On activating this , the location of enemies is known in Free Fire Max within a 50 meter range. It runs for 5 seconds and has a cooldown time of 75 seconds. Apart from this, you can share the enemy’s position with teammates.

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The name of this powerful character’s ability is Healing Heartbeat. The Dimitri character creates an area 3.5 meters in diameter and inside that the player gets 3 HP/s. If they fall below this, they will be able to recover and get up on their own. This capability lasts for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 85 seconds.