The 5 Best Guns for a One Shot Kill in Free Fire MAX

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In Free Fire MAX, choosing the right guns is the most important thing if you want to win the match. If there is a damaged gun, then the opponent gets killed in fewer shots. In this article, we will talk about the best guns for one shot kill.

The 5 Best Guns for a One Shot Kill in Free Fire MAX

5) AWM


AWM can be called the best single shot gun. This is the best sniper rifle in Free Fire MAX. With its help, you can easily use guns at long range. A perfect headshot can easily knock or eliminate the opponent. It also comes pre-installed with a scope.

4) M1873


Not many people use the M1873 as much in the Free Fire MAX. However, it can be a good option. Its damage is quite good and it is used at close range. Its magazine has less bullets but the damage is substantial.

3) M1014


The M1014 gun is considered a good shotgun in Free Fire MAX. Its range is very less, but if you are fighting close range, then the damage of 94 will definitely benefit.

2) SPAS12


The SPAS12 gun is widely used. With this you can kill the opponent in one shot. The damage of the SPAS12 gun is good and that is why you should use this gun during the fight.

1) M1887


The M1887 gun will be a very good choice. The damage of this gun is very high and you can kill the opponent in one shot. This can be considered a much better option. Its damage is the main thing.

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