New Galaxy Royale leaked for Free Fire MAX Indian server

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Cosmetics, especially outfits, have great value within Free Fire MAX as many players do not hesitate to spend thousands of diamonds to obtain their favorite bundle. On that note, leaks surrounding the release of the Navy Starsea Bundle on the Indian server have surfaced recently.

If these are to be believed, the outfit will make its way into the game through the Galaxy Wheel in the near future. Gamers may soon be able to acquire a new customizable outfit by spending diamonds. Additionally, after acquiring the base outfit, they will have to purchase unique tokens from the store to acquire different variants and perks for it.

New Galaxy Royale leaked for Free Fire MAX Indian server


Vipclown, a notorious dataminer, is the source of these leaks regarding the new Galaxy Royale and its grand prize, the Navy Starsea Bundle, for the Free Fire MAX Indian server. All of this lends even more credence to the claims of its release on November 26, 2022.

The new Luck Royale is expected to be fairly similar to the Faded Wheel, where you have to remove two items from the prize pool of 10 rewards and then spend diamonds to obtain the rewards. Fortunately, the grand prize will likely be assured in eight spins. Interestingly, the price of making spins might be slightly lower than its counterpart.

Even so, you may need to spend at least a few thousand diamonds to get the basic version of the Navy Starsea outfit. This will be the first available bundle in the new Tailor system, where users can unlock other options using special Galaxy Tailor Tokens. These might be available in the Free Fire MAX store and are expected to retail at ten
diamonds each.


Leaks further indicate that users may unlock four colorways: the Galaxy Konqueror Bundle, the Dune Konqueror Bundle, the Mauve Konqueror Bundle, and the Rager Konqueror Bundle.

This not only provides the outfit with a new look, but also activates the Tailor system effects that are triggered when the player performs actions like healing, running, and jumping through windows.

The outfit is also expected to feature a special arrival animation and emote, making the deal even more attractive. This Free Fire MAX outfit is expected to cost a decent chunk of diamonds, especially to enjoy all of its perks.

Readers should note that these are only leaks, and Garena is yet to officially announce the release of this new event, which is why it must be taken with a grain of salt. The previously mentioned items may or may not be available in the battle royale title.