List of redeem codes for Indian servers in Free Fire Max

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Every gamer loves to use redeem codes to get unique and legend prizes for free in Garena Free Fire Max. Because, the most reliable way of this battle royale game is to redeem codes. This option has been provided by the developers of Garena to the players from the very beginning.

There are total 12 characters inside a redeem codes. These are made up of special fonts and symbols. Developers release these codes according to social media and website. These codes are used on the official website of Rewards Redemption. Well, in this article we are going to tell you the list of redeem codes for Indian servers in Free Fire Max.


List of redeem codes for Indian servers in Free Fire Max

The developers of Garena Free Fire Max come up with a list of redeem codes every day of the month. This list contains the redeem codes launched on servers in India. Inside each code are legends and unique rewards. Here is the list of codes.

  1. FFPLIWUWUNSH – Bonus 10 points
  2. FFPLWIEDUSNH – Bonus 10 points
  3. FFPLIWUWUNSH – Bonus 10 points
  4. FFPLWHSYDQQM – Triple Captain
  5. HAYATOAVU76V – 1x Diamonds Royal Voucher
  6. FFPL72XC2SWE – 3x Diamonds Royal Voucher and Pet Skin Spirit Fox : Battle Fox
  7. FFPLWERNSHLT – Triple Captain
  8. FFPLOJEUFHSI – Triple Captain
  9. FFPLPQLAMXNS – Triple Captain

Note: These redeem codes are provided to the players for a limited period of time. If you use redeem codes after they expire, then you get an error.

How To Use On Website Redeem Codes In Free Fire Max?

Here’s a simple guide to using the redeem codes step-by-step.

Step 1: Click here to visit the official website of Rewards Redemption to get free rewards in Free Fire Max .

Step 2: Players need to login with Free Fire account.

Step 3: Paste the redeem code in the text box, and click on the confirm button.

After that the reward in the code will be sent to the mail box inside Free Fire within about 24 hours.

Step 4: Go to the mail and collect the reward.