How to Top up Diamonds in Free Fire 2022

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In today’s article, I will tell you about how to top up Diamonds in Free Fire 2022 in the chipiest way . Hello friends, if you are looking for how to get cheap diamonds in free fire, then this article is absolutely perfect for you. Here I will share with you some such methods, after following which you will get diamond top up at very low cost. Buying free fire diamonds is not possible for every player, because diamonds cost money.

All players know this, to get Costumes, Characters, Premium Legendary Items, Skins, Outfits, Bundles and Free Fire Elite Pass in Free Fire Diamonds are required and Diamonds require money. If you also do not want to spend full money for diamonds and want to top up diamonds in the cheapest price, then read this article carefully.


How to Top-up Diamonds in Free Fire 2022

There are 4 methods to top up diamonds in Free Fire, 1. Codashop 2. Games Kharido 3. Free Fire Game Top Up. All these websites are 100% Genuine and Trustworthy. If you top up diamonds from all these websites, then you will get diamonds at the cheapest price. Apart from this, this is a legal method to get diamonds in Free Fire. So you can feel free to do Diamond Top Up. There is no danger of your account being banned in this. That’s why you can top up Diamond through this website.

How to Top Up Diamond in Free Fire from Codashop

Most of you players must have named Codashop. Codashop is a store where you can get free fire diamonds at a discounted price. Apart from this, the website gives you the opportunity to take advantage of a lot of cashback and prizes. The Codashop website gives the opportunity to buy the currency of other games other than Free Fire Diamond. Codashop Store This is a branded and trusted store.

  • To top up Diamonds in Free Fire, click on Codashop or download the Codashop application on your phone, device and PC.
  • After coming to the Codashop store, enter your player ID, select the diamond, select the payment method, if you want, you can also enter the email address. If not, then click on Buy Now.
  • Click on Confirm and go to payment.
  • Complete the payment by giving the details of the payment method you selected.
  • After successful payment, the website will add Diamond directly to your Free Fire gaming account.

How to Top Up Diamonds in Free Fire from Games Kharido

Like Codashop, Games Kharido is also an online store, which gives you the opportunity to top up diamonds in Free Fire. Only Diamond can top up in this store. These are the only free fire diamond top up specific stores. Its biggest feature is that 100% bonus is given for first time diamond top up, that means you will get 100% diamond for free. But for this you have to buy diamond.

  • To purchase diamonds from Games Kharido , one has to visit their official website.
  • In the website only you will get the option of free fire game, click on it.
  • Login with Facebook or Free Fire account and select your payment method.
  • Here you will get 7 option of Diamond. Select any one diamond option.
  • Click on Proceed to pay.
  • After that fill the payment details and make the payment.
  • Now you have got Diamonds in Free Fire as well as 100% Bonus.

How To Top Up Diamonds With Free Fire Game

You have learned from Codashop and Games Kharido website, how to top up diamonds, but most of the players do not know that you can also top up diamonds directly from free fire games. Codashop and Games Kharido are third party methods, but top up diamonds from free fire games. This is a direct and official method. From time to time, discounts are also available in the game for Diamond Top Up.

  • To top up direct diamond from free fire game, first you open the game.
  • Click on the Diamond Icon, which is on the left side.
  • Select how many diamonds you want to top up.
  • Select the payment method and make the payment.
  • After successful payment, you will get the number of diamonds you had bought.

Final Word

So, friends, I hope you all have liked the article how to Top up Diamonds in Free Fire 2022If you are looking for diamonds at affordable prices, then this website can be of use to you. All websites are Genuine, Trusted and Branded stores. In this you will not find any kind of fraud. You can top up a diamond without any tension.

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