How to rank up quickly in Free Fire MAX ( November 2022 )

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Having amassed massive popularity with over a billion downloads collectively, Free Fire MAX and Free Fire also have a significant active user base. Thus, the in-game difficulty, especially in the ranked mode, is pretty tricky, and players need a designated skill set to excel.

Ranking up provides a feeling of self-achievement alongside a series of rewards in Garena Free Fire MAX. Thus, anyone focusing on ranking up in the game can also keep in mind a few tricks that may help them accelerate the process and reach the highest tier.

Best tips for the Free Fire MAX ranked mode to maximize the tiers (OB37 version)

1) Essential to pick a strategy while also keep improvising


Players must select a strategy to generalize their approach during a ranked mode match, whether Battle Royale or Clash Squad. Moreover, players can stick to the playstyle they have already tested in the game and have gotten results.

However, one should also leave the scope for improvisation, which might help one overcome certain challenging situations during a match. Adopting a specific strategy according to a given team role alongside occasional improvisations makes the players flexible.

Still, the primary goal of a gamer should be understanding their role in the team and executing their strategy, be it being an aggressor or a medic.

2) Character abilities should suit the playstyle

The character abilities are a unique and crucial aspect of Free Fire MAX as they provide a great advantage to the players on the battlefield. Each character skill is different and suits a particular gameplay strategy, so one must choose them wisely before entering a match.

Moreover, players can build a suitable character combination, which will maximize their tactical advantage and ultimately allow them to get better results in ranked mode. Consequently, one can get more points from a match due to their performance and rank up quickly.

3) Optimizing the HUD

HUD is the essential feature of any shooter game, and Free Fire MAX is no different. Thus, optimizing the same is crucial to make the in-game movement and aiming more comfortable.

Players can choose popular options like four-finger or three-finger HUD layouts and customize them to suit their grip. It is also crucial to note that players must use the training mode to change the custom layout.

One can also practice hard on the training grounds, which will help them to sharpen their skills and strengthen their command over the HUD controls.

4) Make the best out of the available loot


Players usually don’t get their favorite guns after entering a Free Fire MAX match. Therefore, it becomes crucial to make the most of the available supplies and weapons during a ranked match. One must have mastery over different weapons, which one can attain after grinding hard and gaining more experience.

Besides the tips mentioned above, it is essential to note that Booyah provides the maximum rank points. Therefore, players’ focus should be on winning by surviving in Battle Royale and attacking in Clash Squad.

Note: This article solely reflects the writer’s opinions.