Craftland mod tips in Free Fire Max: How to make custom maps?

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Kraftland Mode: Free Fire Max is the most premium battle royale mode in the world. The developer of this game provides the players with high-quality graphics, attractive features, powerful guns and other maps. The most impressive feature of the game is the Craftland mode, which users can create by themselves. Gamers can customize inside the map and challenge teammates. So let’s go to discuss the making of this mod.

Craftland mod tips in Free Fire Max: How to make custom maps?



Here are the steps on how to create Craftland mod in Free Fire Max:

1) Open the Free Fire Max game on your smartphone.

2) Touch the Craftland button at the top of the map section.

Gamers can customize the Craftland mode with the help of Create Cards from the Workshop. If you don’t have the card, you can purchase it by going to the store and then enter Craftland mode. The cost of this card is 100 Diamonds. After that go to the workshop card and customize the mode.

Within this Craftland mod, players get a variety of settings and customization options. Such as good items for doing projects, buildings, structures and decorations, etc. Gamers can customize Bermuda and multiple ranked modes. Gamers can improve their own aim and skills by customizing in these modes.

After customizing the mode, players can also customize the zoom in and out features, as well as place the building and decorate the material. Gamers can also test themselves by customizing in this mode. Gamers must try Craftland mode once.