How to get Gun skins in Free Fire 2022?

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There are many different things in Garena Free Fire . Gun skins are a big part of the game. This makes the gun look quite unique and different. Apart from this, there is also a difference in the stats of the gun. Each gun in Free Fire has tons of skins and different ways to get them. In this article, we’ll look at some ways to get Legendary Gun skins.


How to get Legendary skins for Garena Free Fire in 2022?

1) In-game store

You get Weapon Crate in Free Fire’s store. In this, you get a different skin for each gun. You can get different reward from each crate and you can get skins from here.

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2) Luck Royal


There are many different prizes in Luck Royale. It also has Legendary Gun Skins as a reward on many occasions. You can spin it using diamonds and you can get skins as a reward.

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3) Special Events

Many times special events are seen in Free Fire. The game sometimes collabs with different things and then there are different rewards including skins.

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4) Top-up or redeem codes

Rewards are awarded for top-up in-game in Free Fire. Legendary gun skins are also sometimes present as a reward. Apart from this, gun skins are also there as a reward in redeem codes. You can get the skins from here.

(Note: Using diamonds is an important part of the methods described in this article. You can get skins for free in some ways, while you may need diamonds for others.)

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