How to Get free Loot Box and Legendary Emote in Free Fire Max

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FF Max Rewards: How to Get free Loot Box and Legendary Emote in Free Fire Max – New events in Free Fire Max are updated after a top-up event ends, and each one allows players to earn various free rewards. The developers have recently added a significant amount of new content centered around FF World Series 2022, with many events rolling out soon.


One of the events launched is ‘FFWS Top Up’, which will run till 18th May 2022. There are two rewards included, i.e. a loot box skin and an emote, which require gamers to purchase a certain number of diamonds to obtain them.

How to Get free Loot Box and Legendary Emote in Free Fire Max

Players will be able to collect the respective rewards only after purchasing the appropriate number of diamonds.


The specifications which need to be fulfilled to satisfy the FFWS top up event in Free Fire MAX are as follows:-

  • Haven Guardian Loot Box: Top up 100 Diamonds
  • Weight of Victory Emote: Top up 300 Diamonds

Thereafter, players can easily access top-up websites or the in-game center to complete the event. However, after purchasing diamonds with real money, the rewards will be available for free.


Can claim the rewards after completing the top-up and completing the event:-

Step 1 – Go to the in-game center by clicking on the ‘Diamond’ icon at the top of the screen.

Step 2 – After that, the players must choose the number of diamonds they want to buy within the game.

They can either opt for INR 250 (310 diamonds) or complete INR 80 (100 diamonds) thrice for the event.


Step 3 – The process can be completed using any payment method.


Once a purchase is made, rewards must be claimed manually:-

Step 1 – Gamers must first go to the official ‘FFWS Top Up’ event section.

Step 2 – Thereafter, they can tap on the ‘Claim’ button to redeem the rewards. Players can then go to the ‘Vault’ section to equip loot boxes and emotes with Free Fire Max.