How to Get Free Bundles in Free Fire Max

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Free Fire Bundle Hack Generator – How to Get Free Bundles in Free Fire: In Free Fire, players want to get cosmetic items, Diamonds, Bundles, and skins. But there are some items that don’t affect the overall gameplay in Free Fire, prompting players to collect them to outdo their friends.


These items are often released at luck royals and other events and are sometimes added directly to the store. Gamers are not able to buy the item from the store because diamonds are expensive. And real money has to be spent for them.


Unique bundles and other items tend to be quite expensive and require thousands of diamonds, prompting many players to search for free Internet alternatives.

How to Get Free Bundles in Free Fire

Players can try to collect Free Diamonds using the methods outlined here and later use them to earn rewards within the store or in a special Luck Royale. Players have to pay attention not to use tools like Free Fire Bundle Hack Generator.

  • Google Opinion Rewards
  • GPT Apps
  • Booyah App
  • Free Fire Events
  • Free Fire Redeem Codes


Google Opinion Rewards

Many Free Fire players use the Google Opinion Rewards application to earn Free Diamonds. Gamers must complete surveys in this application to earn Google Play credits, which they can use to make in-app purchases.

The Gamer will have to start by creating their profile after downloading the application. They will then receive notifications about surveys they can complete.

However, they should save some credits and buy a subscription instead, as it offers diamonds at a lower cost than a top-up. A special airdrop will be an even better option for the players.


GPT Apps

In addition, players can use GPT applications and websites, such as Poll Pay, Swagbucks, etc. It involves completing various tasks like answering surveys, quizzes, and more to get rewards like gift cards and vouchers.

The choice of website or application is entirely up to the user, but they should ensure that it is valid.


Booyah App

Booyah is an application developed by Garena for gaming videos. Additional events are held on it, where participants are required to watch a video or stream for a few minutes or post their clip and do much more to be eligible to win prizes.


Free Fire Events

In addition, gamers can quickly acquire bundles and skins through certain events. Usually, they must complete missions in order to achieve them.


The game includes giving away one BTS crystal for free, which can be exchanged for one of the seven themed BTS costumes available in Free Fire.

Gamers should get it as soon as possible as the event will be over in a few days.


Free Fire Redeem Codes

Players can get free rewards by using Free Fire Redeem Codes. Developers release them regularly, and the rewards can be anything from Diamonds to other items found in the game.


Due to the limited validity of FF redeem codes, gamers should use them as soon as possible. It may not always offer a bundle though. Players can get other free rewards with redeem codes.