How to get an invisible name in Free Fire MAX using Unicode 3164

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In Free Fire MAX, players can customize their settings as they wish, including their sensitivity settings, custom HUD, and IGN. With the new updates, players can add stylish fonts to their nicknames, and with the help of a new Unicode trick, they can even attain an invisible name.

This article discusses the process of getting the invisible name in Free Fire MAX by using the Unicode 3164 trick.

Guide to using the Unicode 3164 trick for an invisible name in Free Fire MAX

Garena has made it very easy for players to change their in-game name or IGN in Free Fire MAX. All players need to do so is possess a rename card. Unicode 3164 is a fantastic trick by which players can hide their nicknames and surprise other players.

Employing the invisible name trick requires some basic knowledge of the game’s settings. However, for those players who are unaware, here is a simple guide to applying the Unicode 3164 trick to get the invisible IGN in FF MAX:

Step 1) Open any browser on your smartphone or other device and search for a reliable website that is handy with U+316 character services.

Players can use any Braille character (Image via Compart)


Step 2) Copy up to six characters and paste them into the Notepad app. The characters should look like the image below.

Copy and paste Braille characters one below the other (Image via Sportskeeda)


Step 3) Arrange the characters one below the other. This is a very important step, as arranging the letters in any other way will not cause the trick to work properly.

Step 4) Copy the entire text and paste it into the rename dialogue box.

Guide to changing nicknames in Free Fire MAX

Players looking to change their nicknames in Free Fire MAX can head to the guild store, which contains rename cards. Each card is priced at 39 diamonds + 200 guild tokens.

Players looking to buy the cards should follow the steps listed below:

  • Tap on the “Store” icon located on the left side of the lobby.
  • Click on “Redeem”
  • Click on “Guild Token”

If players already have a rename card, they can access it from their inventory in the game.

To use the rename card, players have to follow the steps listed below:

  • One players click the rename card, it will open a dialogue box where they must paste their new nickname.
  • Click on the confirm button. The IGN should not be visible after this. If players can view their IGN, it means that they made an error in pasting the characters along the process.

Gamers cannot use a name that is already being used by someone else. They should also be careful while changing the IGN. If players make an error, they will have to wait for the cooldown period to end and spend the necessary currency once again to rectify their name.