How to create unique and stylish signature for Free Fire ID in 2022

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The trend of utilizing appealing nicknames and guild names has grown in popularity in Free Fire, as players want to personalize every area of their profile. As part of the OB26 update, the profile section underwent a significant revamp and the signature feature was incorporated into the game.

This is visible to all visiting users in the bottom right corner of the profile, and gamers wish to utilize distinctive and stylish signatures. Users can combine numerous colors, symbols, and font faces. Here is a guide for the same that players can follow step-by-step to change their IGN. There are a variety of names that they can also try out while creating their IGN.

Unique and stylish signature in Free Fire

Players can customize their signature for free without spending diamonds. As a result, they can continue altering it any number of times. Moreover, after the recent updates, the signature is not visible to them when they visit their profile but is visible to others.

Gamers can easily customize the color of their signature by using the Hex codes enclosed within the square brackets. They can easily find the Hex codes on the internet, and here are a few of them in case users are unable to find them:

  • Aqua – 00FFFF
  • Purple – 800080
  • White – FFFFFF
  • Orange – FFA500
  • Blue – 0000FF
  • Yellow – FFFF00
  • Silver – C0C0C0
  • Red – FF0000
  • Maroon – 800000
  • Green – 008000
  • Fuchsia – FF00FF
  • Lime – 00ff00
  • Maroon – 800000

Additionally, users can also enter numerous symbols in their signature, finding in several YouTuber videos. Here are a few of the symbols that players may incorporate in the signature:

⁠1) [FF0000] ᯤ 9 9 9 + NO internet

2) [b][c]F R E E F [ff8800] I [ffffff] R E

3) ▂▂▂▂▄▙▟▄▄▂▂▂▂▂▙


4) ______◢▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓


5) [b][c][ffd319]Ⓥ[i][FF0000] Your name

Steps to change the signature in Free Fire

Players can change their signature by following the steps given below:

Step 1: They need to access the profile section by clicking on the banner option and press the gear option beside the Personal Name Badge.

Step 2: Next, they can press the edit option beside the existing signature.

Step 3: The user can enter the desired signature with the Hex code and click the okay button to change the signature.