Freitas’s Free Fire ID, stats, guild, rank, YouTube earnings, and more

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Pedro Freitas, otherwise known as Freitas, is a Brazilian Free Fire content creator. His content primarily focuses on the gameplay aspect of the battle royale title, and many fans enjoy watching gameplay highlights that showcase the YouTuber’s incredible skills and aim.

Freitas currently boasts a massive subscriber count of 827 thousand on his YouTube channel, alongside a total of more than 102 million views. The prominent personality also has a decent following on Instagram, with over 124 thousand followers.

Disclaimer: Free Fire is banned in India, and gamers should avoid playing the game on their devices. The stats and images in this article were taken from FF MAX, which was not on the list of banned apps.

Freitas’s Free Fire ID and stats

Freitas’s Free Fire ID is 170332391, and his IGN is “MOB FREITAS.” He is the leader of the MOBILEGG guild, whose ID number is 2036256411.

The YouTuber is ranked Platinum II in the Battle Royale mode and Heroic in the Clash Squad mode. His in-game stats are as follows:

BR Career

Freitas has played 7663 solo games in Free Fire and has 1161 victories, resulting in a win rate of 15.15%. With 29921 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 4.60.

The content creator has also played 6045 duo matches and has remained unbeaten in 552 games, leading to a win rate of 9.13%. He has accumulated 18536 kills for a K/D ratio of 3.37.

The player has participated in 10025 squad games and has secured 1498 victories, translating to a win rate of 14.94%. He has 31676 kills at a K/D ratio of 3.71.

BR Ranked

Freitas has competed in 89 solo games in the ongoing ranked season and has 15 first-place finishes, converting to a win rate of 16.85%. In the process, he has 417 kills at a K/D ratio of 5.64.

He has not played any duo matches.

Freitas has engaged in precisely 150 squad games and has succeeded in getting wins in three of them, retaining a win rate of 2.00%. He has garnered 416 kills, maintaining a decent K/D ratio of 2.83.

Note: Freitas’s Free Fire stats were recorded at the time of writing the article (24 October 2022). They will change as he continues to play more matches in the battle royale title.

Freitas’s YouTube earnings

Freitas’s monthly YouTube earnings through his channel are between $1.8K and $29.3K. Meanwhile, the content creator’s yearly income ranges from $22K to $351.8K. (Source: Social Blade)

YouTube channel

Freitas has regularly uploaded videos about Free Fire over the past few years. His oldest video pertaining to the game dates to February 2019 and is about solo vs squad gameplay. The channel currently has more than 600 uploads, and the most-viewed video has gained 2.4 million views.

As per Social Blade, Freitas’s previous month has been great as he managed to garner a total of 40 thousand subscribers. His view count went up by 7.33 million within the same period.

Pedro also runs three other channels: FREITAS Lives, FREITAS Clips, and FREITAS Shorts.