Free of charge! Room card and more prizes in games in Brazil: how to get it in FF

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Community will be able to collect various rewards in Free Fire from Brazil’s first game in the World Cup in 2022.

This week, Brazil’s first game at the 2022 World Cup will take place, to celebrate it Garena will release several prizes to users such as the room card, tickets and more, the event is part of the partnership between Free Fire and CBF, this Tuesday November 22, 2022 we will detail how to collect the rewards.

While rooting for each victory for Brazil, Free Fire fans will be able to collect the official Brazilian national team t-shirts within the game and take advantage of several in-game events with special rewards.

Among the events are Haja Coração , Halftime Show and Post Game Review, all available on days when Brazil is on the field.

How to get the Free Fire room card

The Haja Coração event is available 2 hours before the Brazilian team takes the field. The player will earn two room cards upon logging in, a feature ticket by playing more than 15 minutes in any game mode, and can also receive up to two feature cards if playing with a friend.

In this way, to collect the room card,simply log in to Free Fire on Thursday, November 24, 2022 after 2:00 pm until a maximum of 3:59 pm ( Brasília time ).

Other awards

After vibrating with the selection in the first half, it’s time for the Halftime Show. The event starts in the pause of the selection’s match and will last 65 minutes . The player will be able to receive a resource trial, a resource ticket when playing a ranked matchand also another resource trial when scoring a Booyah! 🇧🇷

At the end of the selection dispute, players who return to Free Fire will be able to participate in the Post-Game Review , an in-game event that starts as soon as the match ends and goes until the end of the day.

Rewards include a resource ticket when playing for up to 15 minutes in any game mode and up to 2 resource cards playing with a friend.

Remembering that all these Free Fire matches can be played with the skin of the official shirt of the blue Brazilian national team, model 2022, available free of charge for players who log in until November 23rd.

Between the 24th of November and the 19th of December, fans who want to join the crowd for the national team within Free Fire and log in to the game, will receive the official yellow shirt of the national team.