Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2022 Bangkok: 17 best teams in the world reach the Worlds

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The Free Fire World Series (FFWS), the world’s biggest Free Fire tournament, is back, and this time it takes teams to Bangkok, Thailand, home to the last two FFWS champions, to compete for the title of best of the world.

Scheduled for this weekend, November 25th and 26th, the championship will be broadcast worldwide. Brazilian fans who want to follow the dispute must tune in to the official Free Fire esports channels on  YouTubeTikTokTwitch  or even follow RedeTV!, Space or the broadcast of  Weedzão and  Bak, via Youtube, from 11 am ( Brasilia time) on the 25th and from 10:30 am (Brasilia time) on the 26th.

Players will also be able to earn rewards within Free Fire while watching matches, as viewing goals are met on participating platforms. Check out the rewards for each goal below:

Competitors face each other in the qualifying and final stages

FFWS 2022 Bangkok will be divided into two phases: the qualifiers and the final, both with eight matches that will alternate between the maps of Bermuda, Kalahari, Purgatory and, for the first time in the history of the world, Alpine.

At the end of each round, teams will receive points according to their rank and kills. Each kill guarantees the team one point and each Booyah!, will guarantee twelve points, followed by nine points for the second place and eight points for the third. In case of a tie, the team with the most Booyah!s wins.

Who to keep an eye on

Fans can look forward to an exciting weekend as the world’s best teams clash in Bangkok. In the last edition of the championship, the FFWS 2022 Sentosa, which took place in May of this year, who took the title was Attack All Around, who defeated the champion at the time, EVOS Phoenix, by just one point.

Both teams hailing from Thailand not only won the tournament, but also dominated the scoreboard, leading the other teams in the finals by over fifteen points. This time, EVOS Phoenix returns to try to regain its title and will have to face the FFWS rookie, Nigma Galaxy, who qualified as the top seed of Thailand and the two Brazilian teams classified for the dispute.

LBFF 8 champion, Vivo Keyd Stars returns to the World Series after finishing the last competition in fourth place. This time, VKS arrives to compete directly in the final, and who is still competing for a place among the best in the world is the newcomer Magic Squad, who will play the qualifiers this Friday (25).

Earn ingame rewards while keeping up with the world’s best

During the worlds, players will have the chance to earn rewards with the new ingame campaign, MUNDIAL FF: WE ARE ALL ONE, which features several missions and in-game activities.

From today (21st) until December 1st, players who want to unlock rewards must complete daily missions and collect FFWS tokens to unlock the five new milestones present in the game’s new interface, created especially for the tournament.

Each milestone has a limited time and reserves rewards from the Dragãozinho backpack and room cards, to the newest Free Fire pet: Mandrako!

FFWS Tokens can also be collected by competing in matches. Players can hunt for tokens scattered across maps in Battle Royale mode or receive tokens after completing matches in Gladiator FF, Contra Squad (CS) modes, among others.

For the most avid Free Fire fans, Garena has also prepared the Liga Deck event, in which they can compete for twelve limited edition FFWS 2022 Bangkok esports cards, representing the different leagues and the World Series. Upon collecting the twelve cards, players will obtain the Astro Lupino Scythe.

Players will also be able to participate in the Supernova mini-game to claim a Dragon Pickup as a reward, and the Winning Kick event, which also returns this week.

In it, fans from all over the world can send their predictions for the ranking of the teams and for who they believe will be the champion team, before the qualifiers on November 25th. All voters will earn in-game rewards regardless of their selection, including room cards and special tokens that can be exchanged for other items.

Enjoy the FFWS to the sound of the new song ‘Fight as One’

In addition to all the news prepared for this weekend, Garena will also release a special campaign video clip, ‘Fight as One’, in which fans will be able to accompany Mandrako, the official mascot of FFWS 2022 Bangkok, on a special journey.

The World Cup-inspired banner seeks to cheer up fans while also highlighting the concept of persevering against all odds and fighting as a team.