Free Fire suspended account recovery: ff suspended account recovery 2022

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Are you also a fan of free-fire game but due to some reason Free Fire id has become unban, due to which you are not able to play Free Fire game and you want to know that, Free Fire suspended account recovery So this article of ours is very special for you in which we will provide all of you with detailed information about how to unban free fire account.

Let us tell you that Free-Fire is a very exciting and interesting game which is constantly being liked by the youth in India and youth as well as people of all ages like Free-Fire game because of its thrill, action and adventure. In huge quantities, not only liking.

Rather, you are playing a lot and in order to decide that there should not be any hindrance in your game, in this article we will give you Free Fire id unban 2022? will provide complete information.

Not only here we will give you detail about how to Unban Free Fire Account 2021? but at the same time we will tell you all in detail why your Free Fire id is banned so that you can take necessary protective steps and save your Free Fire id from being banned.

Unban your banned id i.e. Free Fire account Unban. Unban your ID and enjoy the free-fire game to the fullest.


Why is Free Fire id suspended or banned? Do not make these mistakes even by forgetting?


Before this, we want to tell all our readers with the help of some points that, Free Fire id unban kaise kare 2021? We want to tell in detail to all our players that, after all, why Free Fire id is suspended or banned, which are as follows-

  1. Your Free Fire ID gets banned or suspended when you try unsuccessfully to hack Free Fire.
  2. In Free-Fire, your Free Fire ID may also get banned or suspended when you add files to your game that don’t support the game.
  3. When you do something against the rules of Free Fire id, not only your Free Fire id is banned but it is also suspended forever, after which you can never get your Free Fire id unban again. can.


With the help of the above reasons, we told you why your Free Fire id is banned or suspended so that you do not make the above mistakes and keep enjoying the thrill of your game in an exciting way with ease.



How to recover Free Fire suspended Account

Let us now, in detail to all our readers and applicants, Free Fire id unban kaise kare 2021? That is, how to unban free fire account 2021? Which is as follows so that you can easily unban your Free Fire id which are as follows-

How to recover ff suspended Account in 2021? – Appeal by filling the form

To unban Free Fire id to all our applicants, you have to fulfill these points to appeal by filling the form, which are as follows-

  • First of all you have to open your Free Fire game.
  • After this you have to click on the option “Help”.
  • Or you can direct this link to unban Free Fire id – You can fill the form by clicking on 2Frequests%2Fnew%3Fticket_form_id%3D360003787994 .
  • After this, the complete application form will open in front of you, in which all of you will have to enter the details like IGN, Free Fire ID and Reason of Ban etc.
  • The information entered by you must be correct and if the information is found to be incorrect then your application will be cancelled.
  • Lastly, you have to submit your appeal form after which your Free Fire ID will be verified and after some time your Free Fire ID will be unbanned.

After completing all the above steps, all our Free-Fire players can easily unban and suspend-free their banned Free Fire ID.




Free Fire is a very exciting and thriller game that you can easily download and install from your Google Play Store and get full thrill and fun by playing it in your smartphone, but sometimes for some reason our Free Fire id gets banned or suspended and we are unable to play our game, then we also have the solution to your problem.

Under which we told you that, how do you unban and suspend your free fire id i.e. Free Fire suspended account recovery So that you can unban your Free Fire ID and get the thrill of your game.

In the end, we sincerely hope that you must have liked our article Free Fire suspended account recovery , for which not only will you share this article of ours but at the same time you will also tell us your thoughts and suggestions by commenting so that we, like this The article will tell you in detail.


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