Free Fire Special Royale In Brazil server: Get the Dr. Sanity on the 22nd of November

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Garena announced the next Royale Especialthat will take place on October 29th. At the event, Free Fire will feature the new Dr. Sanity in addition to other sets like Fire Lionand Boxing Queen. The event will also feature the emote “ Ready, Aim, Go! 🇧🇷

How to get the Dr. Sanity

Through the  “Royale Special”the Dr. Sanity  will also become available on October 29th. For this, players will have to use the diamonds to obtain it.

In Royale Especial, there are a lot of items for players and each spin in ‘Royale Especial” costs 29 diamonds. The main item, Witcher Set will be random, so players can get it on the first spin or the next.