Free Fire Max OB33 update release date revealed in India

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Garena Free Fire Max was released a long time ago by the developers of Garena on Google Play Store and Apple Store by updating Free Fire. The developers of this game keep updating in-game time to time with new features. OB32 update is currently running inside the game. Developers have released the advance server of this new update.

However, as with all advance servers, in-gain updates are introduced live after a few days, known as patch updates. Well, in this article we are going to tell about the date of release of Free Fire Max OB33 update in India.

Note: The developers of Garena Free Fire have not made any official announcement of the OB33 update. This is being sponsored only by the gamers.

Free Fire Max OB33 update release date revealed in India

The new update for Garena Free Fire Max will be rolled out on the same day on both the devices. However, talking about the last few updates, the in-game live patch update was introduced a day before the end of the Clash Squad season. The currently existing Clash Squad mode is scheduled to end on 24 March 2022 inside the season 11 game.

So, as per the previous update revealing OB33 update, it is expected to include in-game live update on 23rd March 2022.

Apart from this, if the in-game patch update is done live, then no gamers will be able to play Free Fire Max on that day. Because, a special break of care is taken by the developers. As per the last update, the break of OB33 update may be from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM. Or it can be extended due to some troubles. During this break, developers introduce in-game bugs, problems and new features.

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However, the developers of Garena Free Fire Max have introduced an advanced server for the OB33 update. According to this server, below is the list of features that players can include inside the game.

  • Mystery character – Swordsman’s Wrath ability
  • Character ability changes and buffs including A124, Steffie, Nikita, and Rafael
  • New Weapons
  • New Pet – Zasil with Extra Luck skill
  • New link system for character
  • Zombie Invasion mode
  • UI improvements and credit score