Free Fire Max Login Problem, Fix ff Max Login Problem

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Hello friends did you also have  installed free fire max and now you are not able to open free fire max when you click on tap to begin to login then you get something like this written “Limited test has ended . _ So let’s know how you can solve free fire max login problem.


Why is the login problem coming in free fire max :-

Friends, this question must have come in your mind that why login problem is coming in free fire max, then let me tell you that login problem in free fire max is coming because free fire max has not yet launched in India . And the login id you are doing in free fire max is from India, so you are getting to see the login problem in free fire max.

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How to solve login problem in free fire max :-

Friends , to solve the login problem in free fire max, you have to create a free fire id of another server where free fire max has been launched, like sigapore’s free fire id, you can login to free fire max.

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How to make Sigapore free fire id :-

Step 1.Install malaysia VPN

Step 2. Connect VPN on Malaysia Server

Step 3. Clear Playstore All Data

Step 4. Create A new Gmail Account

Step 5. Login this Gmail on Free Fire max


Friends, if you face any problem with Free fire max login problem, then you can watch full live from the video given below that you can solve many Free fire max login problem.