Free Fire id ban checker: tool identifies if the ID is suspended from the game

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It is possible to check if the account is banned for using Hack just by analyzing Garena’s Battle Royale ID

Playing games like Free Fire is fast becoming a way for people around the world to deal with stress in their daily lives. Mobile games give users easy access, and anyone can download millions of free games and start playing.

However, to gain an unfair advantage over others, some players use hacks and third-party programs . This act not only ruins the game for those who play fair, it also destroys the competitive integrity of the game. As a result, developers are always inventing new methods to deal with this problem.

How to identify if an account is banned from Free Fire?

Firstly, it is important to clarify that only through the player ID is it possible to identify the status of your account, whether it is banned, suspended or regular on Free Fire. ID is a unique account number and to find it, players need to click on the nickname on the main screen.

Now, to help fight these hacks and keep the game clean, Free Fire Mania launches the tool that identifies if an account is banned or suspended from Garena’s Battle Royale through ID .


Note: the use of this tool does not replace consulting the official Garena Free Fire support .

Definitely, the use of the tool helps the community to identify users banned for using hacks, examples of influencers, professional LBFF and NFA players, as well as friends or even ask questions that may exist about an account.


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