Free Fire Headshot Hack 2022: FF headshot Hack APK

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Free Fire Headshot Hack: Want the best Free Fire Headshot hacks and settings? Then this article for you. Shoot the enemy in the head and he will die in 4-5 bullets. That’s why everyone wants to learn auto headshot settings in Free Fire. If you also want to know about free fire headshot hack, then in this article I am sharing some of the best settings for auto headshot. Follow this article carefully to know more about Free Fire Headshot Hacks. So without wasting any time let’s start.


What is Headshot, And Auto Headshot In free fire

First of all let us understand the difference between auto headshot and headshot in Free Fire. If the bullet fired by us hits the enemy’s head, then it is called headshot in the language of gaming. It is no longer easy to hit an enemy with a headshot as the enemy keeps moving, so hitting his head is difficult, so many players use the auto headshot or free fire headshot hack, which allows them to improve their in-game aiming skills. helps in.


Free Fire Headshot Hack

Now I will share with you some of the best  free fire  headshot hacks using which you can improve your aiming skills. Remember that  I am not going to share any wrong or illegal method  . I am just sharing some sensitivity and control settings. They are safe and officially recommended by Garena Free Fire so that you can use them without any worries.


Free Fire Headshot Hack Using Sensitivity settings


Sensitivity plays a primary role in Free Fire. Aiming at an enemy’s head can be challenging if you’re not using the proper sensitivity, so setting the right sensitivity is essential.


Sensitivity is the tactile response of your smartphone’s display. If your sensitivity is low, then you need to touch smoothly on the screen of your smartphone, and if your sensitivity is high, then you need to touch hard on the screen of your smartphone.


I am sharing the best sensitivity settings for Free Fire below. Apply them in the same way as described below.

  • Open free fire game
  • Now click on the setting icon on the top right corner
  • Now in Settings, click on Sensitivity
  • Now set the sensitivity as follows
  • General: 41
  • Red Dot: 85
  • 2X Scope: 23
  • 4X Scope: 20
  • AWM Scope: 10


After applying these settings, it will increase your gun scope’s ability to aim.


Free Fire Headshot Hack Using Controls settings

There are some secret settings in Control Options. If you enable them, your aiming skills increase immediately.

  • Open free fire game
  • Now click on the setting icon on the top right corner
  • Now in Settings, click on Control Options
  • Now change some settings as mentioned below
  • Lift Fire Button – Scope Only
  • Auto load – On
  • AWM Snipping – Put the fire to the left
  • Auto Switch Gun – On

Now, these settings will work as Free Fire Headshot Hack. Just start a match, and you’ll notice a clear difference in your aiming skills, and most of the bullets you fire will automatically attach to enemies’ heads.


Free fire headshot settings

Nowadays most of the people are using Custom HUD. Using HUD, you can customize all the action buttons in Free Fire, but there are some HUD Free Fire headshot settings, which are as follows –

  • Open free fire game
  • Now click on the setting icon on the top right corner
  • Now in Settings, click on Control Options
  • Now Custom HUD . click on
  • In the custom hood, find the Pet Emotes button and center it, where the gun scoop is visible
  • Now change the button size to 29% and transparency to 49%
  • Now,   click on Save Free Fire Headshot Settings.


Now, if you click the fire button, you can use the pet emote button to track which direction the bullet is going. This setting will help you a lot when you are using AWS or any sniper rifle.

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Free fire auto Headshot Setting

Now I am going to share the most popular Free Fire Auto Headshot Settings. Apply them correctly to achieve improvements to your current auto headshot setting.


  • Open Free Fire, and click on Settings
  • In Settings, click on Graphics
  • Now, select Ultra from Graphics
  • Now click on Filter, and select it to Bright
  • After that, set the FPS to Normal, and click Save Changes.


After you click Save Changes, start a match, and you’ll see the game’s graphics and picture quality increase. Most of the times players cannot see the enemy’s head due to the low-quality graphics. In this case these settings will help you.


Free fire headshot hack app

There is nothing like Free Fire Headshot Hack App this is just a rumour, but instead, you can use another Free Fire Headshot Hacker app, which is secure, and also available on play store.


  • Search GFX Tool Headshot for Free Fire on play store   and download it.
  • Now install the app and open it
  • After opening the app you will get two options. If you are playing Free Fire on your phone then choose the first option
  • After that, you will get all the information about your device, click on continue
  • After clicking Continue, you will get the best settings for Free Fire Auto Headshot.


Free fire headshot sensitivity

  • General: 23
  • Red dot: 66
  • 2X Scope: 27
  • 4X Scope: 20
  • AWM Scope:6

Note:  This  Free Fire headshot sensitivity  only works with Samsung and Xiaomi devices.


One tap headshot free fire

The one tap headshot trick is a useful trick for every Free Fire player. This trick is difficult, but you can easily do it with daily practice.


Move Your Joystick Buttons for one tab headshot

When you’ve fired shots at enemies, push your fire button joystick upwards, it will automatically move your gun’s crosshairs over the enemy’s head for a tab headshot. This trick works well with SMG and AR Ammo weapons. I suggest you try this trick with Mp40 and M4A1 weapons for best results.


Use the trigger button for a one tap headshot

Triggers button is a mobile accessory, which you can attach to your mobile. The trigger button allows players to use their four fingers instead of two thumbs. You can fire bullets and open the scoop at the same time. It also increases speed and character speed. If you increase your movement speed, you can easily connect with the pro squad. Trigger button is available at all online stores, you can easily buy them, the rate of trigger button is very affordable.

Best sensitivity for free fire auto headshot

General: 43

Red dot: 75

2X Scope: 29


4X Scope: 19

AWM Scope:13


Best headshot sensitivity in free fire

  • General: 47
  • Red dot: 50
  • 2X Scope: 82
  • 4X Scope: 86
  • AWM Scope: 0


Free fire headshot hack script download

There is nothing like free fire headshot hack script download, nowadays you can’t download any hack for free fire because the game is more secure now so no script is working. I do not suggest or recommend using any scripts for Free Fire headshots. 


FAQS– Free Fire Headshot Hack

Which is the best sensitivity in Free Fire for Auto Headshot 2021?

If you are playing in 4GB RAM phone then need to check your mobile display sensitivity before using any auto headshot setting. If you check the sensitivity of your smartphone, you can easily apply any of the settings mentioned in this article. If you want to apply this sensitivity, simply open Free Fire and click on Settings. Click on Sensitivity. Now customize the sensitivity. Now you are ready to fire a powerful headshot at the enemies.


How to Change Sensitivity in Free Fire?

Changing the sensitivity in Free Fire is straightforward. Open Garena Free Fire, click on Settings. Find the Sensitivity option. Now change the sensitivity according to your need. Free Fire has limited sensitivity options. Try playing around with different types of sensitivity to test what settings work for auto headshots.


Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting 2022? Free Fire Auto Headshot Trick 2022?

You can easily set this sensitivity for Auto Headshot in Garena Free Fire 2021
Normal: 49, Red Dot: 89, 2X Scope: 20,4X Scope: 20, AWM Scope: 7. This is the best sensitivity setting for 2021. You can also change it according to you. This setting is suitable for most players in Free Fire.


Free Fire Headshot Hack App Link?

You can download the Free Fire Headshot app from the Google Play Store app. For your ease, here  is the direct download link.


1GB RAM, 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM, and 4GB RAM Free Fire Best Sensitivity for 2021?

Before using any sensitivity in Free Fire, try to fix all ping and lag problems in your phone so that all auto headshot sensitivity works very well on your phone. If your auto headshot is operating at your default sensitivity, try to keep it as it is. If your auto headshot trick and sensitivity aren’t working, you can easily change and customize them.


Free Fire Auto Headshot Setting Not Working? Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack Not Working?

Now in the latest update, Free Fire has removed the auto headshot bug in most weapons. But it is still working on shotguns and M4A1 guns. Check your ping if it is over 80MS, none of the auto headshot tricks will work. If your phone lags, this is the main reason why the auto headshot setting and sensitivity may not work.


Free Fire Auto Headshot Download?

As I have already clarified that you cannot download Auto Headshot for Free Fire, you need to use some great settings and sensitivity to improve your aiming skills.


Free Fire Auto Headshot Apk?

There are a lot of apps available on play store which provide auto headshot apk settings for free fire. But remember to download Free Fire Headshot app only from play store and not from any other unverified source.


last word:

I hope you liked this article on Free Fire Headshot Hack. In this article, I just shared some of the best Free Fire auto headshot settings that will help you kill your enemies with headshots in Free Fire. I know you will apply all the settings in this article to your Free Fire account. Please share this article with your friends. It will also help them find the best sensitivity for Free Fire Auto Headshot.


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