Free Fire custom card Hack: Hack custom card

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Anyone who plays Free Fire. Those people definitely know what is a custom card in Free Fire , but whoever does not know what it is useful for and how to do a custom card in Free Fire.

So today’s article is going to be very useful for them. In this article you will get to know how to get free room card in Free Fire. This card is also called the room card.


What is Free Fire Custom Card?

For example, when you start any match in Free Fire, random players come in it, but this is not the case in custom cards. In this we can add players as per our wish. Apart from this, many more features are available in it.

Using which you can make normal matches fun. As in this we can jump more. HP is 200 in a normal match but in this we can increase it to 500. Apart from this, there are many other amazing features to be seen. Now let’s know how to get Custom Card in Free Fire.


Free Fire custom card Hack


Let me show you two ways to get custom cards in Free Fire. In which there is a way. You can get custom cards for 100 Diamonds from the Store section of the Free Fire game. In this method, you will have to take diamonds with money.

Now I will tell you another way in which you will get custom card for free. To get a custom card for free in Free Fire, you have to join a good guild and if no one is taking you to the guild, then you can also create your own guild.

When you join the guild or create your own guild, then you have to complete 1800 dog tokens every Friday and these dog tokens can be completed by all the players of your guild together.


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It is not that one person has to complete all the dog tokens. Everyone together can also complete it and as soon as 1800 dog tokens are completed, then on Saturday you will get free custom card in free fire mail box.

Apart from this, the Rampage event is going to come in Free Fire Game, in which everyone is going to get a custom card for free on June 18. Which we can also call the Free Fire Redeem Code of the custom card because everyone will get the custom card for free.

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