Free Fire Conqueror: how the legendary skin with emotes and effects works

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All about the new legendary Free Fire skin, Conquistador; how to unlock customization animations and effects.

In the coming days, Garena will launch the first legendary Free Fire skin in the new “ customize ” tab, the package that contains the Free Fire 2022 World Series theme ( World Series ) has exclusive emotes and animationswhen performing actions such as running and more, this Monday -Friday, November 21, 2022 we will detail how it will work.

The new legendary Free Fire skin is called “ Conquistador ”, customization is exclusive to male characters and contains 4 colors, 1 animation, 2 emotes and 4 special effects.

Free Fire Conqueror Skin


The Conquistador Free Fire skin is obtained in a simple way in a web-event, without effects and animations , to unlock its items users will need the token called “ Tailor of the Galaxy ”.

Check out the simple version of the Conquistador skin in the video below :

Conqueror skin colors

The new legendary Free Fire skin , Conquistador, can be customized with 4 different colors, see all of them in the video below:

animation and emotes

The Free Fire Conqueror customization contains 1 animationand 2 exclusive emotes, see in the video below:

Special effects

The special effects of the Conquistador skin are displayed when performing the following actions: running , climbing the window , activating the medical kit , arriving at the Isle of Waiting , Lobby or while waiting for the respawn points in CS, check them all out in the video below:

Galaxy Tailor Token

To evolve the Conquistador skin and unlock the animations , users will need the token called “ Tailor of the Galaxy ”, the item can be purchased in the game store (or in other possible events).

customize free fire

In the Tailoring System, each theme contains outfits that vary in look and special effects, just like collections.

You must own the basic version of the costume in order to purchase the variant.

Most theme items can be exchanged for tokens. Keep in mind that certain theme items may have other prerequisites to purchase.