Free Fire Banned, But Why Wasn’t Free Fire MAX Banned? Know The Reason

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Even after Free Fire is banned in India, Free Fire Max can still be played. This game is currently available on Google Play Store, which players can download and play. However, why is it not banned even though it is a game from the same developer? Come let’s know..

Free Fire Banned in India: Free Fire game is banned in India. It has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. At the same time, Free Fire MAX is still available on the Google Play Store. Players can also download and play it. In such a situation, the question is arising in the minds of people that if Free Fire Ban In India happened, then why Free Fire MAX was not banned, because the developer of both the games is Garena.

53 more Chinese apps are banned in India with Free Fire. Most of the banned apps were listed on the Play Store as duplicate or cloned versions of the previously banned apps. Apart from Free Fire, the main apps banned include apps like Beauty Camera Selfie Camera, Viva Video Editor, Beauty Camera Sweet Selfie HD, Isoland 2: Ashes of Time, Tencent Driver.

According to the report of PTI, soon the IT Ministry may issue an official statement regarding this. Let us now try to understand that Free Fire was banned, so why was Free Fire MAX not banned?

Why was Free Fire banned?

Neither the government nor the game developer has issued any official statement regarding the reason why the Free Fire game was banned. However, reports have said that these apps have been banned considering the security of the country. Talking about Free Fire only, then the controversies related to it can also be a reason for its ban. A look at recent events makes this point strong.

Actually, after the ban of PUBG Mobile in September 2020, the popularity of Free Fire increased rapidly. Players started seeing this battle royale game as an alternative to PUBG Mobile. The popularity of Free Fire has increased so much that it has also been included in the list of most downloaded apps on Google Play Store. As the popularity increased, so did the controversies related to it.


free fire controversy

In August 2021, Naresh Kumar Laka, an Additional District Judge, wrote a letter to PM Modi demanding a ban on the Free Fire game. In his letter, ADJ appreciated the government’s banning of PUBG Mobile, as well as said about Free Fire that this battle royal game should also be banned, as it is having an adverse effect on children and youth. The Additional Judge had also written in his letter that children are wasting their time for hours because of playing the free fire game.

Apart from this, in August 2021 itself, a child from Madhya Pradesh lost 40 thousand rupees in the affair of playing Free Fire. After the matter came to light, the state government there had demanded to ban this game. An FIR was also lodged against free fire game developer Garena in Chhatarpur district of the state under section 305 of IPC. Apart from these, some other incidents related to the addiction of this game among youth and adolescents have also been reported. Due to these reasons also it is being said that this game should be banned.

Why was Free Fire MAX not banned?

Now let us understand why Free Fire Max was not banned. Garena Free Fire MAX has been launched a while back. This game has come as an upgrade to Free Fire. There is no significant difference between the interface and season of both the games. The biggest difference is in their graphics settings.

Free Fire Max offers better graphics settings than Free Fire. But the popularity of Free Fire Max is negligible in front of Free Fire. The term Free Fire is more popular among users as well. This can be gauged from the fact that Free Fire had been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play Store alone, while Free Fire Max has been downloaded only a little more than 100 million times.

Players playing Free Fire can switch to Free Fire MAX

Players playing the standard version of Free Fire can easily switch to Free Fire MAX. For this, Free Fire players can use Firelink to transfer their stats to Free Fire MAX using the standard version gaming ID. At the launch of Free Fire MAX, the game developer gave players the option to transfer stats. In such a situation, Free Fire players can also play its Max version for the time being.