how many levels are in Free Fire! (All levels)

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Friends, levels are very important in any game, if there is no level in a game, then there is no fun in playing the game. Most of the gamers nowadays like to play free fire. In such a situation, players whether they are Noob or Pro, everyone wants to know how many levels are there in Free Fire!

If you also want to know about free fire levels. So how many levels are there in this article of Free Fire to you ? Will like it a lot. Like other games, the free fire game has many levels. And when the player crosses one level and moves to another level, then it also becomes difficult.

But the free fire game levels are not that easy. That is why gamers do not know much about all the levels of this game. If you like to play free fire then you need to know about all the levels of this game.

Garena free fire is a very popular game not only in India but all over the world. The levels of this game make this game even more exciting and fun. Anyway, this game keeps updating from time to time. Also brings new characters for the players. The levels of this game are so difficult that it takes a lot of time for the players to cross a level.

You will enjoy playing the game even more when you learn about the levels of this game. so let’s find out.


Free Fire Highest levels

Free fire game has many different types of levels like Battle Pass Level, character level . But most players never reach the highest level. Because its highest level is very difficult. Also, no information has been given anywhere else about the levels of the Free Fire game.

You will be able to pass the levels of Free Fire game only if you have experience. Without experience, you will not be able to pass the level of this game easily. After passing the high level you will have a new experience and this experience will help you to pass the second level.


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If you are an expert player of free fire game. So you must know that there is no cap of any kind in this game. Players have to pass all the levels one after the other. But after researching thoroughly we have found some such accounts in Free Fire game. With the help of which we can know about the levels of this game.

The account having the highest level list of free fire games

As we told you above that the detailed information about the levels of Free Fire game is not given anywhere. That’s why we are telling you about the levels of free fire game with the help of players ID list.

By the way, the most difficult levels of Free Fire game are considered to be 79 and 80. If a player crosses 80 level of free fire game then he is no less than a champion. Crossing level 80 is a huge achievement in itself. But there is one such account which is at level 100 in Free Fire game.

That’s why it can be assumed that the highest level of Free Fire game is 100. By the way, the developers of Garena Free Fire game claim that there are countless levels in this game. But even expert to expert players have not been able to cross the 100th level. That’s why the free fire game is not considered up to level 100 yet.


Free Fire Highest level Account list

even expert to expert players have not been able to cross the 100th level. That’s why the free fire game is not considered up to level 100 yet.


Free Fire Highest Level Account List

Level 100 player

ID 1694335650 – This ID holder of Free Fire game is at level 100 of Free Fire game. There is only one account that has reached this level. There is a huge gap between this player of 100 level and other players. For players who have not yet crossed level 80, it is impossible to cross level 100. Looking at the ID carefully, we found that it did not play much games. That is why it can be assumed that this ID is being controlled by the admin of this game or by a robot.

Level 93 player

The player’s ID playing at level 93 of the Free Fire game does not appear to be the ID of an administrator. This ID belongs to Brazilian whose Gaming name is INAFFABETUS. The gaming ID of this gamer is ID: 121833076.

Level 80+ player

Apart from all these players, there are some players who are playing at level above 80. Their ID numbers are given below –

  • #1 ID 358791342 (Level 81)
  • #2 ID 61471827 (Level 81)
  • #3 ID 108157222 (Level 81)
  • #4 ID 89574720 (Level 82)
  • #5 ID 237647354 (Level 82)

final discussion 

Friends, this post is Free Fire me kitne level hot hai? After reading this you must have got the information about all the levels of Free Fire game. Also you will be enjoying playing the game. If you like, do share this post with your other gamers friend.


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