Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up For Free

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Today we have come up with a better option for players to buy special top ups as there is a special top up which gives free more diamonds at affordable cost.


So here are some such tricks, in which players have been told that how to get free fire top up 10 rupees , after reading today’s article players can get special top up in their free fire account, you have to see the offer will get.


Free Fire 10 Rupees Offer Top Up For Free

Getting a special top up on a Free Fire account is a very simple process. For this, players will have to follow some steps mentioned by us and by doing this, players will get to see special top up offer of Rs 10 and Rs 29 in Free Fire account.


1) Clear game data or cache

Players must clear the entire cache of the game before applying the tips mentioned by us. If players do this then only this trick will work faster and players will get special top up. Clearing the game’s data and cache helps the Free Fire game to forget all the old data like how many balances you have in the player’s Google Play account etc. Click on this link if you want to get free diamonds in free fire without any app.


2) Play only classic games

Most players play a ranked game. If you want to get 10rs special top up in free fire game then you have to avoid ranged game and play only classic game for about 1 month. Doing so will increase the chances of getting a special top up in the player’s Free Fire account. After adopting this method, players will also get 29rs special airdrop for free along with 299 diamonds.


3) Don’t buy diamonds and subscriptions

If you also want to get special top up in free fire then you have to avoid buying diamond or any subscription because if player buy diamond in free fire game then he will never give special top up of Rs 10 to player. They will always send you expensive special airdrops and the airdrop they send will cost around 199rs, 999rs or more so if you want to get 10rs special top up with 299 diamonds in free fire then buy diamonds in free fire game Should avoid and subscribe.

If you want to get any kind of special top up in Free Fire game then you have to follow the 3 tips mentioned above. If you follow these three tips mentioned by us, then you will get special top up offer within about 1 month. In Free Fire the player has to click on this link to get the MOD APK with Unlimited Diamonds in the game.



free fire 10 rupees offer hack

how to get 10rs special topup

To get 10rs special topup, players have to use the zip file given below.

1) First of all download the file from this link.

2)  Now open File Manager in your phone.

3)  Now copy the downloaded folder.

4)  Now search and open the “Android” folder in your mobile.

5)  Now open “OBB” folder in your mobile.

6) After opening the OBB folder, open the “com.dts.freefireth” folder on your mobile.

7) Paste the copied file in “com.dts.freefireth” folder.

By doing this, the player will get a special airdrop of 10rs within 24 hours.


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