How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire? {Know 100% Working Method]

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How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire because in this game we need Diamond to buy any type of character or anything. In such a situation, if you will not have Diamond. So you will not be able to turn on any good function in it. But to get diamond in free fire, you have to pay some money. But by the way I will tell in today’s post, you can get free diamonds in free fire.

If you are also a free fire player and are roaming the internet in search of free diamond. Then this article is just for you. Because here we are going to give you all the information about How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire.

Free fire game is one of the most played games in today’s gaming world. And its graphics and new characters make it even more interesting. Which attracts the player towards more games. Today any person who has interest in gaming. And have not heard the name of Free Fire Game. You too must be fond of playing some free fire game in your friend circle.

But all the features and characters are kept in it. You need Diamond to use them all. When you will play Free Fire Game in the beginning. So your game will have many characters, many such functions. Which will be locked. Diamond will be demanded there to unlock it.

But if you will be a new free fire player. So there will be no Diamond in your account. Here you have 2 ways to get Diamond in your account. Which we will talk about below.

In today’s post, I will tell how you can get free diamonds in free fire? Along with this, I will tell you some more interesting facts. Whatever method you will be told here. That would be the full working method.

That is to say, he is already triled. Who has given Diamond to many players for free. So without any delay let’s know how to get Diamond in Free Fire?

How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire

Free fire a Game is. In which you need Diamond to get every function, every feature, every character. And if you want to buy Legal Diamond. So you will be able to get diamonds in free fire by paying money to free fire. The diamond that you can use to make your free fire character attractive.

But there will be many people who do not want to spend money. Those who want to get Diamond in Fire for Free .

There are two-three ways to get free diamonds in free fire. One is when you pass the game level in Free Fire. So you get some coins and some diamonds are put in your account for free as a reward. Which you can use for the work of any free fire game.

But there are 2 more ways to get Diamonds in Free Fire in Free. In which neither you have to pass any kind of level. Nor do we have to pay any kind of money. Here we will teach you to take Diamond in Free Fire in two ways.

  1. Get Diamond Through Application
  2. Get Diamond in Free Fire through Website

Whichever way is better for you. You can use it. In below, I will tell you about these two with full explanation, how can you get diamonds in free fire? Let us know through these methods-


How to get Free Dimond in Free Fire? by application

The best way to get diamonds in free fire is through the application. Because you get many tasks in the application. In return, those apps give you Diamonds for Free Fire.

Today’s application, through which I will tell you about getting diamonds in free fire, the name of that app is Fire Clips, you will easily find this application on Play store.

1. How to get free Diamond in Free fire through Fire Clips?

Fire Clips application is one such application. In which you can get free diamonds in your free fire by doing some tasks given by him For that you have to login to it through your free fire id.

You can easily download Fire Clips application from Google play store. If you want to go Direct to that App. So by clicking on the download button below, you will go directly to that application. And you can go there and install it.

fire clips se free fire me diamond kaise le

After that you have to open it. And after that you have to login with your Gmail id. If you don’t have Gmail. Or a personal Gmail. Which you do not want to use in this.

So how do you create our Unlimited Gmail? By reading the post, you can create as many Gmail as you want. However, in this application you do not need to worry about Gmail Security.

After logging into Fire Clips, you will get to see its interface. Which would be very simple. Now you have to complete his tasks in it.

To earn Diamonds in Fire Clips, you have to watch the videos given in their app. In return, those people will give you some coins. You will be given 12 coins for watching a video. And when you get 50 coins, you will get 1 Diamond.

There are many other ways to earn coins in this. Its special feature is that you just have to install this app in your mobile and open it every day. In return for that you will be given 10 Coin every day.

Along with this, many daily tasks are given every day. On completing which you will be given some coins. And when there are 50 coins. So you can Withdraw it in your Free Fire by converting it into Diamond.

In this way, with the help of fire clips, you can easily get free diamonds in free fire just by watching the video . It has given Diamond to all the users so far. The proof of which is that you can read its review on the Play store. With 4.3 rating, you will get to see very good reviews. Which proves that it gives Diamond in all free fire.

Best Application to get Free Diamond in Free Fire

You can use the above mentioned Fire Clips app to get Free Diamonds in Free Fire. But players need a lot of diamonds. So you can use many more applications apart from this. On installing which, that application gives you Free me Free fire me Free Diamond.

I am giving the name of some application below. Through which you can take Diamond in your free fire . That too by doing some tasks for free. Here is the list of applications that will give you 100% free diamonds for your free fire game-

1. Spin to Win Diamond app

As you know from the name itself, in this application you will be given the task of spinning. When you will sign in by installing this app. So you have to spin for the task in this. After which an ad will come on your screen. And when the ads are completely over.

spin & Win se free fire me diamond free me le

Then you will be given some coins. Which you will Withdraw. So you will get Diamonds in Free Fire for Free. You can install it by clicking on the download button below.

2. Google Opinion reward

This is an application made by Google. Then you can understand for yourself that this app is completely legal. In this app you are given some surveys in the form of tasks in a week. On completion of which you are given some free money. Which you can use to get Diamonds in Free Fire. If you want, you can also spend it in Google play store .

google opinion award
3. Big Cash App

This is a Refer and Diamond earn type application. You can install Big cash app from both play store and apple store. And you will be given 20rs on Per Refer to it. As much as you will refer per day. By calculating the same, you will be given free diamond in free fire.

big cash se paye free me free fire me diamond

If you want, you can earn good money by withdrawing those money in your Paytm also. If you want to earn money online sitting at home . So we have already written a whole article about it.

4. Kill and Win Free Diamond app

You can understand from its name that in this you get a chance to win when you kill. This is a really cool way to get free diamonds in free fire. If you are a good player of free fire. You play free fire quite well. So through this application, we win by playing the tournament and other games given in it.

So the number of Enemy you will die in this game. Accordingly, you will be given a diamond for free. Which you can use for any work in your Free Fire. In this way you can get Diamond in free fire absolutely for free.

How to get Free Diamond in Free Fire? by website

So far how have you got Diamond in Free Fire through the application? learned about. In which we described the method of Free fire me Diamond le through about 5 applications.

Now I will tell you how you can get diamond in free fire through free fire website Because even on many websites, you must have seen that there you must have been told that you will get so many diamonds by doing this. On paying so much money, you will be given so many diamonds in your account. Let’s understand as an example.

💎 3000 diamond absolutely free 💎 Claim Now
💎 2000 diamond absolutely free 💎 Claim Now
💎 1000 diamond absolutely free 💎 Claim Now
💎 500 Diamonds Absolutely Free 💎 Claim Now
Get Dhamaka Offer DJ ALOK absolutely FREE Claim Now
Get free diamonds here in Free Fire game Click Here

Note: –   You must have seen many such things on the blog. But the real thing is that all these things are completely fake. Whatever you try. But you will just keep getting redirected from one page to another. But you will not be given a diamond anywhere. Also, the website from which you will buy diamonds in free fire by paying money.

Read the review about it thoroughly. Because many fake websites are running on the internet. Who takes money from you. But you do not give any kind of Diamond to you. That’s why be careful with such websites.

How to get diamonds in free fire from official website?

How can I get Diamonds in Free Fire in Free Fire as I mentioned above You must have got this information by now. But there is another way to get Diamonds in Free Fire. In which you have to spend some money.

Now you must be saying that when I spend only money, then I will not buy diamonds by paying money in Direct Free Fire. So even your words are correct. But I will tell below about taking diamonds from free fire and not taking diamonds through third party software.

Because when you give free fire me Diamond you take money. So you will find very few Diamonds there. Despite this, you get the same amount of money if you take Diamond through any third party software. So you will give you many more diamonds than that, such third party software will give you.

Even sometimes offers keep running in this kind of software. In which if your luck is good then you will also get good discount at the time of taking diamond in free fire.

Many such software and websites are available on the Internet. In which you can take Diamond in Free Fire by paying money The names of some software are as follows-

How to get free diamonds in free fire by hacking? (Get Unlimited free fire Diamond)

So far in this article, how did we get free diamond in free fire? We have seen many tricks about this. Whatever was the direct way of free fire. So cook through your third party application.

But have you heard about free fire hack? Yes, how to hack Free Fire and Pubg? Like we have already told you on the subject. You must have also seen many times that many players hack free fire. And play the game in the desired way.

But have you ever thought that those who hack Free Fire Game. Can those people add as many Diamonds as they want to their account? Can they unblock their favorite character like Dj alok, Shooter queen for free.

The answer is not yet, although it is true that by hacking Free Fire, you can enjoy many features for free. But till now no such Advance Hacking System has been shown. Through which one can increase Diamond in Free Fire by Hacking. Right now you can enjoy all these features by hacking Free Fire. As if-

  • wallhacking
  • Can Push Rank
  • No Recoil
  • can increase health
  • Aimbot
  • High Jump and Long Jump करना
  • Color Hack and Speed Hack

When you hack Free Fire. So you can enjoy these features for free. Which a normal player does not get all these features. However, in this you will consider some things like pushing rank and increasing health.


So you cannot get Diamond in Free Fire by Directly Hacking. But with the help of all these you can get free fire me diamond. Like when your rank will be push. Then you will be given some Diamond to you as an Award through Free Fire. So in this way you can get free diamonds in free fire.

For what purpose can diamonds be used in free fire? (Sure you go.)

Even so , how did you get diamonds in free fire for free? A to z information about We have told you each and every method. Through which you can get Diamond for Free in Free Fire.

After reading this, how do you get diamonds in free fire for free? You will not need to look for it anywhere else. But the matter does not end there.

Many of our free fire players may not be aware of all the uses of Diamonds. Those who have just started playing the new Free Fire. They will not have complete knowledge of using Diamond.

So it becomes my duty that how can we get you diamond in free fire? As well as give you complete information about Diamond in Free Fire. So let’s know where Free fire me Diamond is used?

  • In its previous article, we told you how to make free fire stylish name ?In that we told you that to change your name, either you must have a name change card. Or you should have 390 Diamonds in your account. Meaning that with the help of Diamond you can change the name.
  • You can use the Diamond to select the character of Free Fire. And perhaps this is why diamonds are most sought after in free fire. Because new attractive characters keep coming in the free fire every day. Which makes the Regular Player feel like taking him. And for that you must either have money. Or you can also buy and use that character with the help of Diamond.
  • Using Diamond you can install Stylish and Heavy-Heavy Gun in your ID. Which adds even more life to your character. This gun will be more lethal on enemies than the normal gun. You can also use Diamonds in Free Fire to take this type of Gun.
  • All the features you will see in Free Fire Game. You can unlock them by giving them your coin or diamond.
  • If you have a lot of Diamonds come. So you can earn a lot of money by selling it to someone else. Because the player of free fire always needs Diamond.


We are writing this article for the purpose of giving you knowledge only. Do not misuse it in any way. Because Free Fire is an official game application. And he has never spoken about taking diamonds from any third party till now. Because games like free fire earn money only through diamonds .

You will definitely get diamonds in free fire through the medium mentioned above. But it should never happen that Free Fire gets information about it in some way. And they block such diamond earning id.

So take the responsibility for it yourself. We just mean to give you knowledge. You take the next risk on your own. However, till now no one’s ID block has been reported for earning diamonds in this way.

Thank you


Diamond in free fire works for your money in a way. By investing as much money you will buy any features. And if you have Diamond in Free Fire in exchange for that money. So you can easily buy that feature by using your Diamond without paying money.

Many free fires will have such players. Do not want to invest any kind of real money. In such a situation, you can use the Diamond lying in your Free Fire account. But you also do not get Diamond for free.

That’s why I can get you Diamond for Free in Free Fire ? Its complete information has been given to you above. In this, you do not need to give any kind of money to anyone from Paytm, or UPi. You will get free diamonds in your free fire account like this.

I hope this will go a long way in saving your pocket money and getting Diamond in your free fire. Which will give your gaming even more thrill of the next level. If you liked this post, then do share with your friends and those friends. Those who are interested in playing games like Free Fire. In such a way, how can they get free diamonds in free fire without investing any money They could get this information through this post.

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