Fact Check: Is a player banned for playing with hackers in Free Fire Max?

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The Free Fire Max battle royale game is played by millions of players on mobile devices. However, inside this game some gamers play the game by cheating and hacking. Actually, Garena’s privacy and policy are quite strict. If any of the players go against him, then the developer bans his account. If while playing the game, their team and opponents play the game by hacking, then players can put a report on their account. So the developers immediately take action against them. Apart from this, if any teammates play the game with the player by hacking, then the account of the entire squad is banned. So, in this article, we are going to tell you Fact Check: Can a player get banned for playing with hackers in Free Fire Max?


Note: Free Fire has been officially banned by the Indian government. Because of this, Max considers it appropriate to play the version.

Fact Check: Is a player banned for playing with hackers in Free Fire Max?

The developers of Free Fire Max pour a lot of power against cheating/hacker. If any player does this, then their account gets banned immediately.

If a player teams up with a hacker and plays a game with a hacker, the developers think that he can push up the ranks very quickly, make good kills and maintain the K/D ratio. Because of this players also ban the account of those players.

The developer of Garena Free Fire Max has created two sections to help. Players can request help by going to these sections and if it is against Garena’s privacy and policy then the account will be banned forever.

If players stay with the hacker and play many matches in a day. So in this case, Garena provides information to the player according to the email that he no longer plays matches with the hacker. If you follow Garena’s rule then your account will not be banned and if you do not then the account will be banned within two days.

Although some gamers look to push up the ranks from Bronze to a faster high tier in the new season, Garena bans their account in two days. Because, playing team with hacker is against privacy and policy.

However, once a player’s account is banned, the account will not be unbanned again. The ban account report is shared every year which can be viewed by visiting the official website.