Elite Pass December 2022: We fly theme

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Free Fire News confirmed that the 55th season of the Elite Pass will be free in Brazil and worldwide.

The Elite Pass is one of several methods that Free Fire players can obtain exclusive items within Garena’s Battle Royale. Every month, new editions (seasons) of the pass are made available, offering new rewards for users to acquire.

Now, the last Elite Free Fire Pass of 2022, available from the 1st of December and with the theme “ Nóis that flies ”, will be released free of charge for all players on the Brazilian server, as well as all users in the world. The information was exclusively confirmed by Free Fire News.

Although confirmation has already been confirmed on several servers, in Brazil Garena has not yet made official information available on its social networks, which should happen in the next few days.

It is worth remembering that the December 2022 Elite Pass (Nóis que flying) will be the second to be made available for free on Free Fire, the first was the Pistoleiros Elite Pass, in September 2019.

Elite Pass December 2022: We fly theme

Elite Free Fire December 2022 Pass, Season 55 will start on December 1st after Season 54 ends in November. It will run for the entire month and expire on December 31st.

It is worth mentioning that Garena has not yet disclosed how the December Elite Pass will be distributed free of charge to players.


The different rewards that will be present in the next Free Fire Elite Pass have been leaked. Listed below are the various items that can be seen in the video:

  • 0 Emblem: Tuc Tuc – We fly
  • 50 Emblems: Weather Sorceress Pack
  • 80 Emblems: Plasma – We Fly
  • 125 Emblems: MAG7 – Sorceress of Time
  • 150 Emblems: Loot – We Fly
  • 180 Emblems: Backpack – Weather Sorceress
  • 200 Emblems: Admired Emote
  • 225 Emblems: Reality Mage Set

In addition to these items, tons of other miscellaneous rewards will be available in the Elite Free Fire December 2022 Pass.

Although the Free Fire News team has confirmed the arrival of the free December Elite Pass on all servers in the world (including Brazil ), players must wait for official communication on Free Fire ‘s social networks to find out how the item will be made available.