Collectibles from the upcoming Free Fire MAX Angelica brand (Trend+ System) leaked

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Free Fire MAX and Free Fire have consistently received new additions as a part of their updates. The most recent patch, OB37, brought tons of new features and adjustments to the game, and many more are expected to arrive in the upcoming days as part of different events.

Like many other upcoming introductions, Garena has already confirmed the arrival of a new in-game brand, “Angelic,” via the Trend+ System. Amidst the in-game confirmation, some dataminers and leakers have already leaked the expected items from the Angelic lineup.

Collectibles from the upcoming Free Fire MAX Angelica brand (Trend+ System) leaked


If leaks are to be believed, fans will be able to see multiple outfit pieces throughout the upcoming Angelica lineup in the Trend+ System of the game. Here’s the list of items that are expected to arrive under the Angelica brand:

  • Angelic Hat
  • Angelic Sky Top
  • Gleaming Angelic Pants (male)
  • Shimmering Angelic Pants (female)
  • Angel Flip Flops
  • Angelic Dandy (mask)
  • Stylish & Retro (bottoms for female characters)
  • Angelic Pants (male)
  • Risen Glasses
  • Risen Hoodie
  • Angelic Cowboy (mask)
  • Risen Sneakers
  • Angelical Jogger (bottoms for female characters)
  • Angelical Sprinter (bottoms for male characters)
  • Wing Haircut

If launched officially, the game will showcase each item in the Angelic section of Lab’s Trend+ System. However, Garena will reveal more details on the exclusive events of the Angelic brand in the near future.

Note: The information is based on leaks and is subject to change.

How to access the Trend+ System in Garena Free Fire MAX?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to access the Trend+ System in the game:

Step 1: Launch the game on your mobile, tablet, or laptop/PC (available only for Android emulator gamers).

However, before launching the game, you must ensure that you have downloaded the latest version, i.e., OB37. After updating the game, you can launch it and download additional update files.

Step 2: Sign into the game using your preferred alternative.

If you are using a guest account to sign into Free Fire MAX, ensure to bind it with one of the available social media platforms. Guest accounts often lose their in-game progress upon uninstallation or updates, but those linked to a particular platform can save data online.

Step 3: After entering the game, tap the “Lab.”

Step 4:
Access the in-game brands like Potential, Selected, and more via the “Trend+” tab.

You can learn more about the Trend+ System of Free Fire MAX, released at the start of November 2022, by tapping here.