Can Free Fire’s Unlimited Diamonds Mode Get Your Account Banned?

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Diamonds are very important in Garena Free Fire because you can buy different things from it. Money is needed to buy diamonds and for this reason it is difficult for all users to buy diamonds. Because of this many people decide to use mod apps. In this article we will talk about them.


Complete information about Unlimited Diamond Mode app in Free Fire, does it work or not?

The Free Fire Unlimited Diamond Mod app is actually a mod app from the main version of Free Fire. It is claimed that you will get unlimited diamonds in the game and you will also benefit in other things.

Is it legal to use it?

Free Fire’s mod apps are not legal in any way. This is against the game’s policy and is listed in the Anti-Hack Policy on Free Fire’s website. Actually, according to this, you cannot change the game using any third party app, this thing is counted as cheating.

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Garena has a very strict policy against these things. Your accounts can get banned for these kinds of things and then it will be difficult to get them back. Apart from this, you will never be able to play Free Fire again on that device. That’s why you should stay away from these apps completely. This will keep your account safe.

In addition, Free Fire’s in-game currency is stored on the server. Not in every account and for this reason it is not possible to change them. This shows that all these apps do not work in any way and you should stay away from them.

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