Bgmi vs free fire which game is better?

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Hello friends, welcome to our new post, friends, in today’s post we will talk about which game is better Bgm vs free fire? Yes friends, if this question is also coming in your mind that which game is good between Free Fire and Battlegrounds Mobile India, then read this article carefully, we will give you a complete review of Free Fire vs Battlegrounds Mobile India in this article.


Friends Free Fire was launched by Garena Company in the year 2017 , after which this game became very popular because in this game you get to see many things like gun skin, clothes, emotes etc. Talking about Mobile India, this game has been launched in the year 2022.


In this post, we will compare both the games and see what are the different things of both and what are the benefits of playing both the games.


Bgmi vs free fire which game is better?

If we talk about the gaming industry, then every game developer makes the game at his own level and makes that game popular, similarly in our India, the first pubg mobile game used to run very much but due to its size being very large, every The player could not play this game, that’s why Free Fire launched its game among the people and this game became popular among the people very fast due to the low MB.


Although PUBG had also landed a version of it named PUBG Mobile Lite game on the Google Play Store, but this game too could not compete with the Free Fire game, and when the government banned all Chinese games and Chinese apps. pubg mobile was banned from our country


But pubg together with krafton made a very good game for our country which is a complete copy of pubg and they named this game Battlegrounds Mobile India, friends today in which post we will talk about free fire What is the difference in Battlegrounds Mobile India.


Free fire graphics

Friends, the graphics of free fire game are very good and this game is very popular among people, if you play this game on ultra then you get to see very great graphics in this game and every 3 months in this game Updates keep coming in, due to which its graphics are getting better.


Friends, Free Fire has also talked about launching its big version Free Fire Max soon, which will be launched by the last month of 2021 . Inside Free Fire Max you will get to see all the free fire games very nice graphics which is enough to compete with any game.


Battlegrounds Mobile India Graphics

Friends, as you all know, Battlegrounds Mobile India is a copy of Pubg game and you know that the graphics of Pubg game are very good and look absolutely realistic, when you play this game you feel as if you are playing this game. Are you really playing this game?


We know from the beginning that whatever game PUBG makes, takes equal care of graphics in it and this is the reason that all the games of the company that make PUBG become popular among the people very soon.


free fire guns

Friends, in the free fire game, you get to see many guns, which you can use very easily, as well as a new gun is added after every update inside this game, which makes playing the game a lot more fun. Is.


A lot of guns have come in Free Fire so far and many guns skins are also available inside this game. In Free Fire, you get to see guns like Ak 47, Scar, MP 40 etc.


Battlegrounds Mobile India’s Guns

Yes, friends, like Free Fire, you get to see many songs inside this game too, whose sound quality was very good, at the moment there is no scheme of any gun inside this day but in the coming time it will The game will develop itself and add many things inside the game.


mobile to play free fire

Friends, Free Fire is a battle royale game that every player likes to play, but there are constant updates coming in this game, due to which the size of this game is also increasing, to play Free Fire, at least you have 4GB of RAM. Must be mobile only then you will be able to play Free Fire very well.


Now you can download and run this game even in mobile with 2GB RAM, but in all these mobiles it takes a lot of leg, which can cause you a lot of trouble in playing.


Friends Free Fire is a game of 754 MB, to play at least your mobile should have 4GB of space.


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mobile to play bgmi

Friends Battlegrounds Mobile India is a very good game and to play this game you must have a good device, due to less things in this game, the size of this game may be 724 MB, but there are many things to come in this game. remains.


To play Battlegrounds Mobile India also you must have at least 4GB RAM mobile or else it will lag in your mobile friends, the file size of Free Fire Battlegrounds Mobile India is almost same.


Last thing:

So friends hope that the information given by us to you is Bgmi vs free fire which game is good? If you like this information, then you can share it with your friends and if you want similar comparison articles, then you can tell us by commenting in the comment box below, we will definitely reply to your comment.

Happy gaming!

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