5 Most Legendary and Rare Rewards to Buy Using Diamonds in Free Fire Max by September 2022

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Top 5 Rewards: There are cosmetic and unique rewards in Free Fire Max. Developers keep adding such items every day. In the month of September, the developer has introduced so far unique content in-game. Apart from this, the in-game OB36 update was added by the developer yesterday i.e. on 21st September 2022. It has introduced unique and best features.

In addition to the store section within the game, developers keep adding unique and exciting things to Luck Royale. So let’s discuss the 5 best items to buy in September.

5 Most Legendary and Rare Rewards to Buy Using Diamonds in Free Fire Max by September 2022

1) Cobra Rage Bundle

In Free Fire Max, if players are impressed by unique items, gamers ask for those items again. For this reason the developer added the in-game Cobra Rage bundle in September 2022. This bundle is built around special effects that can be obtained in-game.

2) Smooth Ride (Car)

The vehicle skin inside the game in Free Fire Max is known as Smooth Ride. This skin has been made with gold kar, which gives an effect to the sports car. You can buy this skin for 499 diamonds.

3) Gloo Wall – Spikey Spine

Glue Wall is considered to be the most useful utility in Free Fire Max. The expensive and unique skins of this utility are demanded by the players everyday. Spikey Spine is the best in the game. The developer has made it in pink color which can be bought for 599 diamonds.

4) M82B – Vampire Malevolence

Recently in Free Fire Max, the latest skin of M82B was added to the collection by the developer. Gamers can purchase loot crates and get skins easily. The loot crate of this skin is in total 40 diamonds.

5) Blood Coffin

In Free Fire Max, gamers can get unique and attractive gun skins with the help of loot boxes within the game. The color of this gun is red which has been designed in a very unique shape. The VFX of this gun has been designed in 2D with red color. Gamers can purchase the Blood Coffin loot box for 299 Diamonds.