5 great tips to clutch a 1vs4 in Free Fire

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Clutch 1vs4 in Garena Free Fire requires better skill and movement. It’s no small matter to eliminate an entire squad in a matter of seconds. To do this, players have to spend a lot of time on the training ground and work hard on the field.

However, there are some tips to clutch, which can be followed by a tremendous clutch on the field. Well, here are 5 awesome tips to clutch 1vs4 in Free Fire.

5 great tips to clutch a 1vs4 in Free Fire

#1 – Don’t hesitate

Whenever a 1vs4 clutch position is formed in front of the player on the Free Fire field. So do not panic at all because in trouble most players make mistakes. So, don’t hesitate and believe in your skills and yourself, do 1vs4 effortlessly.


#2 – Don’t get caught in the clutches of enemies

Enemies are very smart on the field in Free Fire. Seeing greed, black mail the player. The player then goes on to loot the goods until the enemy overpowers the player.

#3 – Use a shotgun at close range

In Free Fire if players have to clutch 1vs4. So use shotgun for close range. Because, it gives 100% damage to the player on the field.

#4 – Use Tactical Items

Players use as many tactical items as possible on the field. Like glue wall, smoke, grenade and flash etc. All these items players should use a lot in difficult times.

#5 – Heal quickly after damage

Heal as soon as possible after damage is done on the field in Free Fire. Because, if most players give random spray, then knocks can happen. Therefore, heal immediately after the damage is done.


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