5 Cool Characters for Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire

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There are tons of modes available to keep you entertained in Garena Free Fire. Like Battle Royale Rank, Clash Squad Rank, Bermuda, Kalahari, Purgatory etc. Out of all these players like to play clash squad mode the most. Players have the option of multiple characters in-game. Which you can purchase as per your wish. Well, in this article we are going to tell 5 cool characters for Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire.

5 Cool Characters for Clash Squad Mode in Free Fire

#5 – Wukong

Strength – Kamophage

rotect it from enemies.In Free Fire, Wukong is modeled on the most powerful monkey that has done most of the work in a Hollywood movie. It has made a green suit on the field which is very beneficial to protect it from enemies.

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# 4 – Hayato

strength – bushido

Hayato has two pats in Free Fire, each with different strengths. It has a power called bushido. It increases the strength of the player’s armor on the field. It has a power called Art of Blades. Which increases the power of armor by reducing the HP on the field. Hayato is a great alternative to Clash Squad Mode.

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#3 – DJ Alok

Shakti – Drop the Beat

DJ Alok is a dangerous pat in Free Fire. It has a power called Drop the Beat. It increases the movement speed and HP of the player on the field. Millions of players use this character.

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#2 – Chrono

Shakti – Time Turner

Chrono in Free Fire has the power of a time turner. It is modeled on Cristiano Ronaldo. This powerful CD is created on the player on the field which is only available for 10 seconds.

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#1 – Dimitri

Strength – Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri was introduced a while back. It has a power called healing heartbeat. This becomes a powerful CD on the player on the field, in which no enemy can give damage. Hence, Dimitri is the best choice for Clash Squad Mode.


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