5 best Free Fire Gloo Wall skins that were released for free in 2021

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Gloo Wall skins are one of the most desirable cosmetic items in Garena Free Fire. Players go to considerable lengths and spend a substantial number of diamonds to obtain them in the battle royale title.Over the years, developers have introduced several new Gloo Wall skins. In addition, they have also provided numerous Gloo Wall skins for free as part of the events. This article dives into a handful of excellent free skins



Explore these Free Fire Gloo Wall skins in 2021

5) Gloo Wall – Booyah Day 2021

This event was available between 22 November and 26 November (Image via Free Fire)

During November, the Booyah Day event took place on Free Fire. Developers included several top-ups featuring themed rewards. In the second iteration, i.e., “Booyah Day Top Up 2,” users could receive the Gloo Wall – Booyah Day 2021 skin for free.


All that was required of them was to purchase 500 diamonds in Free Fire

4) Gloo Wall – Gate to Oblivion



Shark Attack Top Up was available in January (Image via Free Fire)

Gloo Wall – Gate to Oblivion occupies the following position on this list. Like the previous one, it was also incorporated by the developers through a top-up event, meaning that gamers had to buy a specific number of diamonds to get it


As a result of its distinctive and attractive design, this Gloo Wall was among the best ones given out for free.

3) Gloo Wall – Hysteria


Brave Crystal token was given as part of a redeem code (Image via Free Fire)

Garena set live-watching milestones in the FFAC finals held on 28 November. After all of them were crossed, a redemption code was issued, claiming which offered a Brave Crystal token, among other awards.



Using that token, players could redeem one of the four available rewards. Gloo Wall – Hysteria was among the options

2) Gloo Wall – Victory Charge

Gloo Wall – Victory Charge was given for purchasing 500 diamonds (Image via Free Fire)

Items introduced into Free Fire due to collaborations are scarce, and they typically do not return quickly. After the McLaren association, exclusive car skins and other items were added to the game. One of the themed cosmetics also included the Gloo Wall – Victory Charge.


1) Gloo Wall – Aurous Dragon/Nuclear Bunker/Dragon Sea


Gamers were able to choose between these rewards (Image via Free Fire)

Gamers were able to choose between these rewards (Image via Free Fire)

The top position is taken by these three Gloo Walls, all of which were a live-watching milestone reward for the FFWS (Free Fire World Series), which was one of the biggest tournaments of the year.

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