5 awesome characters like Chrono in Free Fire that could be used in 2022

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There are many characters in Garena Free Fire , and Chrono can be considered a well-known character. Many people use this character because it is very powerful. Similarly, there are many such characters that players can take advantage of. So in this article we will talk about 5 characters like Chrono inside Free Fire that can be used in 2022.


5 awesome characters like Chrono in Free Fire that could be used in 2022

1- DJ Alok

Like Chrono, DJ Alok can be considered a powerful alternative. This character gains HP and can help your teammates. Along with this the movement speed also increases. That’s why this character is so special.

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2- Kelly

Chrono increases movement speed. Similarly, you can increase your sprinting speed by using Kelly. With Kelly’s help, you can go to the zone quickly or you can reach from one place to another.

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3- Antonio

With Antonio’s help, you get 10 more HP at the start of each round. If you are playing Clash Squad or TDM, then you will definitely benefit from Antonio. That is why this character is considered powerful.

4- Kapella

You will benefit greatly with the help of the Kapella character. With the help of this character, the power of healing items increases and you gain in HP. Apart from this, HP loss also reduces.

5- Joseph

You will benefit greatly from Joseph. If you get damaged during the match, your movement speed will automatically increase. With this character, you will soon be able to get into the cover.

(Note: The author has given his opinion in this article. Everyone’s preference may be different regarding the characters.)

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