4 Free Fire bonuses this week in brazil server: see the list of events

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Check out all the Free Fire bonuses active in Brazil and the list of upcoming events.

This week there will be 4 Free Fire recharge events on the Brazilian server, some of which are already active in the APK, this Sunday, November 20, 2022 we will list all the bonuses available during the next few days.

There are currently 2 Free Fire recharge events active in Brazil , the new bonuses will be released over the next few days in the APK, among the rewards will be the tokens of the “ Fist Draconic ” skin and more.

Check out the list of Free Fire bonusesfor this week in 2022 below:

Free Fire recharge 11/18 to 12/04/2022

Check below the goal of the current Free Fire recharge event:

  • Reload 1 diamond : Galactic Bookshop.

Free Fire recharge 11/19 to 11/21/2022

Check below the goals of the current Free Fire recharge event:

  • Reload 1 diamond:  5 boxes with evolutionary tokens;
  • Recharge 300 diamond:  10 boxes with evolutionary tokens;
  • Reload 500 diamond:  25 boxes with evolutionary tokens;

Free Fire recharge 11/22/2022

The rewards of the Free Fire recharge event will be boxes with Galactic Bookshop tokens , the item is used to unlock several awards, check them out in the video below:

Free Fire recharge 11/24/2022

The main reward of the Free Fire reload event  will be a  new hair skin, the customization is inspired by the 2022 World Cup.

The goals of this Free Fire recharge event  have not yet been confirmed, however, the value is usually between 1300 and 500 Free Fire diamonds.