3 strongest guns in Free Fire MAX for BR and CS mode

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Free Fire MAX has a vast library of guns, with each option having a unique set of attributes. Choosing the right weapon for the right time is crucial to winning a match. However, due to the variety of options available, it becomes challenging to do so, especially in intense combat situations.

Fortunately, Garena regularly releases gun rankings based on various factors such as kill rating, popularity, and total kill rate, which are determined by looking at official stats. Gun rankings are specified for both prominent modes in Free Fire MAX, i.e., BR and CS. This article will list out three of the best guns for both of these modes.

Deadly Free Fire MAX guns in BR and CS modes

In BR mode

The top three strongest rifles in the BR mode are the M14-III, M4A1-z, and SVD. All of these are mid-to-long-range weapons, which is obvious since players spend most of their time taking fights from a distance in this mode.

1) M14-III

Attributes (M14)

  • Damage – 75
  • Rate of Fire – 43
  • Range – 83
  • Reload Speed – 52
  • Magazine – 24
  • Accuracy – 57
  • Movement Speed – 74
  • Armor Penetration – 0

Range, accuracy, and damage are the most significant attributes that bring this assault rifle to the top of this list. Players should always look at these three qualities in a gun for the BR mode. Higher range and accuracy helps in targeting distant enemies efficiently, while higher damage eliminates opponents faster.

The M14 is an upgradable weapon and the M14-III is the third (max.) level of the gun, with improved abilities in comparison to the regular variant.

2) M4A1-z

Attributes (M4A1)

  • Damage – 54
  • Rate of Fire – 57
  • Range – 68
  • Reload Speed – 48
  • Magazine – 30
  • Accuracy – 55
  • Movement Speed – 74
  • Armor Penetration – 0

M4A1 is a fan-favorite AR in Free Fire MAX and this is especially true for its third upgraded level, i.e. the M4A1-z. Although it deals slightly less damage and has a lower range than the M14, its impressive rate of fire brings it to the second spot on this list. The gun rankings reveal that the M4A1-z is lethal and is immensely popular.

3) SVD


  • Damage – 89
  • Rate of Fire – 34
  • Range – 80
  • Reload Speed – 41
  • Magazine – 10
  • Accuracy – 51
  • Movement Speed – 74
  • Armor Penetration – 54

The marksman rifle, Dragunov (SVD), is arguably one of the most deadly weapons in Free Fire MAX. The high damage, long range, and armor-penetrating power makes the SVD one of the ideal long-range weapons. However, this gun is only available in airdrops and resupply points.

Its lethality is reflected in an attractive kill rating in Garena’s gun rankings. That said, novices may find it challenging to use this sniper rifle effectively due to its low rate of fire.

In CS mode

Clash Squad (CS) is all about fast-paced combat. Gamers frequently face off against enemies at relatively close range in this mode. The MP5-III, FAMAS-III, and Thompson have made their way to the top three in the CS gun rankings.

1) MP5-III

Attributes (MP5)

  • Damage – 48
  • Rate of Fire – 76
  • Range – 27
  • Reload Speed – 62
  • Magazine – 30
  • Accuracy – 54
  • Movement Speed – 81
  • Armor Penetration – 0

With fair damage and a high rate of fire, the MP5 is a potent SMG in Free Fire MAX. It is an upgradable gun and becomes quite strong at its maximum level (i.e., MP5-III). Despite these capabilities, players do not consider it to be their first choice, as shown by its popularity index in the rankings.


Attributes (FAMAS)

  • Damage – 54
  • Rate of Fire – 72
  • Range – 64
  • Reload Speed – 48
  • Magazine – 30
  • Accuracy – 47
  • Movement Speed – 74
  • Armor Penetration – 0

The FAMAS is an upgradable AR with the ability to fire three bullets at a time. Players generally treat this AR as a secondary choice. making its popularity index low in the rankings.

That said, its potential cannot be overlooked. Once purchased from the CS store, it is likely that the user will take down at least one enemy, as reflected by its kill rating.

3) Thompson


  • Damage – 50
  • Rate of Fire – 78
  • Range – 24
  • Reload Speed – 48
  • Magazine – 42
  • Accuracy – 42
  • Movement Speed – 78
  • Armor Penetration – 0

With an appealing fire rate and movement speed, the Thompson is an effective SMG in Free Fire MAX for both short-and-mid-range combat. Unlike the other two guns on this list, this particular firearm is pretty popular amongst players.

Landing accurate drag-headshots is easier with this gun, making it the first choice for most SMG lovers.

Note: Attributes mentioned for each gun are noted down from Free Fire’s official website.