Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config File Download 2022

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Hello friends, welcome to another new post, friends, in which post today we will talk about how to Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config File, before that we want to tell you that if you have any hack like this If you do, it will be at your own risk, we will not be responsible for this.

If you still want to Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config File, then keep reading this post till the last, we will tell you all the step by step methods with the help of which you will be able to download this mod apk very easily.

Friends, before downloading any mod apk, we inform you that it will be a separate application that you will download but before that you have to delete your man free fire game so that you do not have any further problems.


Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config File Download


Friends, auto headshot mode apk in free fire is a type of hack version in which people hack the free fire game with the help of some coding. This application is neither visible to you on Google Play Store nor can it be easily downloaded in Google, that’s why we have brought this article for you, with the help of which you can easily install any such application in your mobile. You will be able to install and enjoy playing Free Fire.

Friends, doing or cheating in any way in Free Fire game is considered as illegal because Free Fire game does not ask you to download or get anyone to do anything like this, in fact Free Fire game By hacking, your Free Fire ID can be banned at any time, or your mobile is banned forever, so that you will never be able to download the game in your mobile.


Garena free fire Max mod apk Download

Garena Free Fire is a multiplayer battle royale game on mobile. This game is so popular among the battle games available on Android devices. You can also get an idea of ​​the popularity of this game by checking the reviews on the internet. The game has an overall rating of 4.4 and there are 43+ million people who have rated this game and each rate is around 5 stars. This game has been downloaded by 500+ million people which is a huge success of this game.

Garena Free Fire was first launched in the month of November 20, 2018 and was a beta version for Android devices. After the success, the game was launched for both Android and iOS. Garena Studios   is the developer of Garena Free Fire and this game has been a huge success in the history of Android games.


Garena Free Fire Max Hack APK + OBB

This game has all the best and all the necessary features that should be present in the game like Garena Free Fire and this game is developed by third party developers. With this mod version of Free Fire, you can play this game without any problem and you can rank up so easily. Now we will talk about the gameplay of this game.



The game starts with an online match in which 50 players take part and the team that lasts till the last wins the game. Each team has 2 to 4 players and you can play this game in a squad and you can also play this game with your friends.

Before starting the game, you have the option to add your friends to the lobby and invite your friends to be part of your team. You can also connect with other unkown players. You need to wait for all the players to join the match and it really takes only a few seconds to collect 50 players in a match. Your match will start after 50 players have joined.


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Now you are in the plane fly through the island. You can view the map and mark the spot where you want to land on the island. You can invite your friends to jump in with you or you can follow your squad to land with them on an island. After jumping off the plane you will start landing at your desired location and when you are about to reach the ground your parachute will open. You can use the parachute at any time while landing and the choice is up to you.

Last word:

Friends hope that you have liked the information given by us free fire auto headshot mod apk 2021 download if you like this information then you can share it with your friends and to know something more related to this game You can ask us by commenting in the comment box.

Friends, what we have given this link, you will do it at your own risk, we will not have any responsibility in it, because we are not promoting hack in free fire game in any way, due to the increasing demand and comments of people, we have got this article. have to write.


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