[FF America]: The low table of the Free Fire League Latin America resurfaces in Week 3

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When some teams seemed to settle comfortably in the high table and give us a predictable league, the lower table squads hit the table to show that nothing is written.

If Round 2 of Matchday 3 could be summed up in one word, it would certainly be “resurge”. Chivas Esports came from the bottom table to surprise the entire league by taking the round with 85 points, 21 ahead of Six Karma Esports and 23 compared to Ignis Esports, who took second and third place, respectively.

In Round 3 of Day 2 the story was the same but with a different protagonist. This time, it was Virus Gaming who grabbed the headlines by winning the round with a whopping 97 points, 20 ahead of Mineros Esports in second place. All thanks in no small part to a Bard who made history by breaking the league record for eliminations with 21.

Without neglecting the performance of the kids from Naguará, who with fourth place of the day seem to take flight to the top, something that has characterized them in previous seasons.

survivor of the week

As a good member of Leviathan Esports, the monster of the sea, PANICK has simply been a beast from the moment he jumps out of the plane to such an extent that with having played a single round this weekend, he managed to add 9 kills and a total of 48.

Half of the Opening season of the Free Fire League Latin America 2022 is in sight. Do not miss the start of Day 3 next Saturday, January 5 and Sunday, January 6 at 1:00 pm Mexico time, 2:00 pm Colombia time and 4:00 pm Argentina and Chile time on the channel Garena Free Fire Latam YouTube.

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