If you also buy and sell an account in Free Fire, then you can also get banned.

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Battle Royale Terms of Use prohibit the purchase, sale and exchange of game accounts.

Several Free Fire players seek to buy, sell or exchange inactive accounts in Battle Roale. Free Fire News checked the game’s Terms of Use , and found that players who break this rule can be banned from the game. In addition, this process is almost always harmful to one of the parties, whether buying or selling.

No geral, a compra e venda de contas do Free Fire costuma ser divulgada em redes sociais e em sites de compra e venda de itens, como Enjoei, Olx e etc. A seguir, entenda os riscos por trás da compra e venda de contas no Free Fire.

Buying and selling Free Fire accounts

In principle, users need to know that sharing the account, buying, trading or selling is a direct violation of the terms of use (Article number 6, paragraph 6.2). So as long as you allow another person or player to use your account to play games, you risk having your account permanently banned.

Beforehand, check out what the text of the Free Fire Terms of Use says:

“6.2 You agree to (a) keep your password confidential and use only your user ID and password when logging in, (b) ensure that you will log out of your account at the end of each session, (c) immediately notify Garena of any unauthorized use of your User ID and/or password, and (d) ensure that your Account information is accurate and up to date. You are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your User ID and Account, even if such activities or uses have not been committed by you. Garena will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from the unauthorized use of your password or your failure to comply with this section.”

account access sharing

Since the game account can be linked to Facebook, VK, Google or any other means, players not only allow access to the game, but to all content contained in the social network (photos, private information, payment methods , etc. ). Therefore, it is very important that under no circumstances does a user share their access information.

By sharing the account, the player allows someone else to be responsible for anything that happens in the game, even if they are suspended, Free Fire accounts are personal and non-transferable .

Buying and selling accounts

As stated earlier, Free Fire accounts are personal and non-transferable and, in most purchase and sale transactions, one of the parties is harmed. In addition, one of the most recurring problems happens as follows:

  • The account holder requests payment in advance and disappears after receiving it;

It is worth remembering that a Free Fire account can cost between R$100 and R$500 , but can even exceed R$2,000 . Likewise, there is no guarantee that payment will be made or that the account will be delivered.

It is definitely important to make it clear that in case of detection or suspicion of a Free Fire account purchase operation , Garena has the right to suspend preventively or definitively according to the Battle Royale Terms of Use (Article 6, paragraph 6.2).

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