Free Fire bans 2.6 million accounts in Brazil servers

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If you do something wrong inside Garena Free Fire, then in such a situation Free Fire can close your account forever.


Garena permanently banned over a million Free Fire accounts for hacking in early 2022. A total of 2,660,224 IDs were permanently suspended, nearly 53% of which resulted from numerous complaints from the players themselves.

Garena also released a new and improved version of the game titled Free Fire Max , installed on over ten million Android devices worldwide.

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However, even with its huge popularity, the game has been plagued by cheaters and hackers . To detect and restrict players trying to gain unfair advantage through third-party hackers, Garena built an ” anti-hack ” system.

Additionally, the Free Fire developer releases biweekly reports showing cheating data to reassure fans.

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Analysis of banned Free Fire accounts

The percentage of cheaters using hack apps in the last two weeks was:

  • About 60% of cheaters used auto-aim hacks, the most used hack. Auto-aim is used to improve a player’s aim and aim at the enemy’s head.
  • About 24.6% were banned for using Wallhacks, which allowed them to easily pass shots through walls.
  • Antenna hacks were used by 18.8% of hackers, which gave them access to each player’s location on the map.
  • 10.4% of banned users used teleportation hacks to help move from one place to another instantly.
  • The remainder, 4.5%, was banned for unknown reasons.

Additionally, Garena showed an on-screen demonstration of how to report cheaters and unusual activities and reminded fans not to associate with hackers.

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