5 New and Special Features of Free Fire’s OB32 Advanced Server

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Updates come from time to time in Garena Free Fire . Advance servers are brought to check these updates first. New features are tested here. Free Fire’s OB32 Advanced Server started on January 6th and ended yesterday. There were many changes in this update which we can see in the main version.


5 New and Special Features of Free Fire’s OB32 Advanced Server

1) Flash – New Pet

Image via YouTube/Srikanta

Free Fire may add Flash in its next update. This belly has a power called Steel Shell. This will reduce the damage falling from behind, its cooldown is 150 seconds. You can increase the level and decrease its cooldown.

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2) Change settings

Image via YouTube/Srikanta

There will be some changes in the settings of Free Fire. It has been decided to make a few changes in the ‘Auto Pickup’ section where you can set the number of emos as per your requirement.

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3) Charge Buster – New Shotgun

Image via YouTube/Srikanta

Charge Buster was the most discussed topic in Shotgun Advance Server. You can press and hold the fire button of this gun. This gives an advantage in range and damage.

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4) New fitting room

Image via YouTube/Srikanta

Lots of people are interested in the gun skins and costumes in Free Fire. This is a strange thing for them. In this, you can create sets according to you and can change the costume with one click.

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5) New Music section and UI section

In the new update of Free Fire, the UI has become better and a music section will be added. With this you can choose the theme and songs according to you.

Note: Developers may slightly change the features included in Advanced Server before the main update.

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