Fortnite ‘No Edit mode’ debate has fans divided

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The ability to build and edit structures in Fortnite is one of unique aspects of the battle royale title. The game has gained significant popularity in the last few years and gamers believe that raising a structure to obstruct enemy attacks is the greatest reason behind its impeccable success.

However, the community is currently going through a crisis of late. It has been rumored that Epic is presently introducing a No-Build LTM. Gamers have pointed out that there should be a No Edit Mode instead of No Build LTM. This has created a rift and the community is busy taking sides.

Fortnite gamers take a side regarding the No Edit mode

Ever since rumors regarding the No Build mode surfaced, players have stated their opinions and tried to take sides. Despite almost everyone trying to explain things from their perspective, some loopers have taken the entire gaming community into consideration and stated their views.

Recently, a player from the community took to social media to speak out on this issue. The gamer states that instead of a No Build Mode, Epic should emphasize a No Edit Mode.

The loopers justify that the ability to build in Fortnite prevents gamers from falling prey to enemy ambush and bushcamping. Gamers can certainly raise a protective structure around themselves once the enemy starts firing.

It was also revealed that the ability to build often lets players escape the impending storm, especially when mountains are in front. All these factors prove that building structures in the game is a positive aspect.

However, he points out that the ability to edit structures separates casual gamers from professionals. Even though this aspect adds to the richness of the game, beginners and those who play the game for fun have immense difficulties understanding the system.

Hence, the looper reveals that the developers should bring out a No Edit Mode in Fortnite to accommodate casual gamers into the system.

This innovative idea has stood out among several others, and many gamers have supported the thought.

Not everyone supports the motive

While several players have voiced their support, several others have shown their disinterest in the idea and believe that the game is better the way it is.

Any new idea will have its fair share of criticism and support. The concept of having a No Edit Mode in Fortnite has also received a similar reaction from the community.

It is up to the developers what kind of mode they will release for the game. Therefore, loopers will have to wait and watch how things proceed.