3 things that players miss about OG Fortnite (& 3 they like in the current era)

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Fortnite has undoubtedly progressed from its OG days to the current modernized island. This has seen the introduction of many new characters and entities that revolve around holding or destroying Zero Point’s power. The community has experienced various custom game-modes, weapons, cosmetics, mechanics, trends, and even locations.

Many items were added, removed, or even improved in the game to the most recent Chapter 3. Several amongst these are missed by the OG playerbase and some are gladly accepted in the current generation of the looped island.

3 OG Fortnite things that loopers wanted to continue

1) Ballers

Ballers were amongst the most fun Vehicles that were added back in Season 8 of Chapter 1. They provided a huge advantage in competitive matches and were seen in the 2019 World Cup used by all proessional players in endgame moments. Several players had fun with it and expect its return in the current Chapter 3, which could replace the Spider-Man Mythic Web Shooters as a substitute.

2) Chug Jug

Chug Jug is considered one of the longest usable consumables to grant loopers 100 HP and shield each. With the introduction of Fortnite Chapter 2, Chug Jug has been vaulted. It is still visible in some LTMs, but is still missed by the OG community when it comes to returning to Battle Royale game modes.

3) Less sweaty players

Back in the OG days of Fortnite, Loopers played the game to have a fun time with themselves or with other friends online. It allows players to try different things that can be deemed funny or even eye-catching on a certain decree.

But with the progress, the competitive side started to rise up and introduced more sweaty players to solely focus on winning games. Due to this, new and casual players aren’t able to enjoy battle royale as much as they did back in the less-toxic OG days.

3 things Loopers like about Fortnite’s current era

1) Reboot vans

Fortnite’s Reboot vans were once again a revolutionary update in-game. They were first featured in Season 8 to allow players to bring back their eliminated teammates through reboot cards.

Reboot vans are still accessible in Fortnite Chapter 3 with additional features such as a team reboot that decreases the time taken to get that teammate back in action.

2) Turbo Building

Turbo Building was an additional update to the game mechanics that made it easier for loopers to build. It allows them to hold their respected binds and builds around, instead of individually clicking every time to place a singular build.

It was introduced in patch 3.0. This small update made a big change in the current era of building mechanics for both competitive and non-competitive players.

3) Improved Heavy Shotgun

The Heavy Shotgun made a return to Fortnite Chapter 3 in the form of a slug shotgun, which shoots one pellet with accuracy.

It has greater damage compared to the OG Heavy Shotgun and is currently widely used around the player base currently. It has tighter and more compact crosshair in comparison to the Combat Shotgun but still holds its reputation in the community.