You Can Easily Get More Kills In Free Fire MAX, Use This Powerful Gun

Many powerful guns are available in Free Fire MAX. Players can easily win the game with their help. Also helps in getting kills.

Story Highlights

  • Many guns are available in Free Fire MAX.
  • These guns give better damage to the enemies.
  • You can purchase guns from the in-game store of Free Fire Max.

Many guns are available in Free Fire MAX . However, every gun comes with a different power. Players should select the gun based on their gameplay. Only then will they be able to use its power properly. Not every gun always proves useful. This is why gamers should use gun select considering their strategy, fight and gameplay.

Some guns cause more damage to enemies while some help in getting more kills by killing them in a single shot. Today we are going to tell about such best guns, which give more kills. Come, let us know.

Best gun of Free Fire MAX


To get more kills in Free Fire Max, players should use the CG15 gun. This is a good option. Its name comes among the best submachine guns. With the help of this SMG gun, close and mid range fights can be won. The special thing about this gun is that its rate of fire is very high. With the help of attachments you can make this gun even better and useful.


This gun of Garena Free Fire Max is also very much liked. This is one of the best sniper rifles. This gun gives good damage. Not only this, its accuracy is also much better than other guns. This gun can easily kill even the enemy standing at a distance. However, its magazine size is quite small. For this reason it has to be reloaded again and again.


AWM is considered very powerful in Free Fire MAX. The enemy’s work can be finished in just one shot. Along with giving more damage, this gun is also good in terms of armor penetration. For this reason, when players aim directly at the head with accuracy, the enemy gets knocked out in just one shot. If the enemy accidentally escapes in one shot, he will surely be killed in the second shot.

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