Why normal players cannot join the Free Fire Partner Program

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Over the years, the Free Fire Partner Program has captured the interest of the game’s community. It is essentially an initiative by Garena to assist content creators and other individuals who work in fields related to the game to help them grow and get more exposure.

Joining the Partner Program offers partners access to several perks and rewards, allowing them to create better content for their viewers. It is worth mentioning that not everyone is granted entry into the game’s Partner Program, and some requirements have to be met.

Listed below are all the details that players need to know about the exclusive Partner Program.

Why is it not possible for all players to join Free Fire’s Partner Program?

These are the requirements and the benefits stated on the Partner Program website (Image via Garena)


Since the Free Fire Partner Program is designed only for content creators, regular users will not be able to participate. Realistically, average players will not be able to fulfill the various prerequisites needed to become part of the program.

The exact requirements as mentioned on the Partner Program’s official website are listed below:

  • The YouTube channel must have over 1,00,000 subscribers.
  • At least 80% game-related content must be posted within the last 30 days.
  • Content creators must have more than 3,00,000 channel views in the last 30 days.
  • Videos/content need to be clean, engaging, and non-offensive.
  • The individual should exhibit professionalism and must be willing to work hard.
  • They must also have a passion for gaming and drive to succeed together with Garena.

Even if users manage to meet these criteria, selection in the Partner Program is not guaranteed due to the fact that only the best candidates are selected after an internal review.

Steps to apply for the program

All players/content creators who have successfully satisfied the requirements of the Partner Program can go ahead and send in their applications. They will have to fill out a Google Form which can be found on the program’s website itself.

The exact steps to apply for the Free Fire Partner Program are listed below:

Step 1: Gamers must boot up a web browser and navigate to the official Partner Program website.

Step 2: In the next step, they must tap on the “Apply Now” option to get redirected to a Google Form.

The 'Apply Now' button will take the players to the form (Image via Garena)


Step 3: Once the form appears, users should fill in all the necessary details without errors. The information asked in the form includes:

  • Official name
  • Phone number
  • Channel name
  • Channel link
  • Subscriber count
  • The reason behind the want to join the Partner Program
  • The kind of content being uploaded
  • Whether the creator uses a facecam or not
  • Address
  • Official ID
Enter all the details into the text fields without any mistakes (Image via Garena)


Step 4: Lastly, individuals must submit the form to complete their Free Fire Partner Program application.

Upon completion, they can wait for a response from Garena regarding their entry into the program.

Note: Free Fire is banned in India, and players from the nation should avoid playing the game. However, FF MAX is available and can be played.