Who is Noob Player in ff: Noob player in Free Fire

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Hello Survivors, welcome to our new post, friends, in today’s post we will tell you that Who is Noob Player in ff. Friends, this question definitely comes in the mind of every player playing Free Fire that Who is Noob Player in ff.

Free Fire is a very good game which we all play very well but there are some players in Free Fire who are not able to play this game well and we call them Noob players to understand it well. so let’s talk in a little detail


Noob meaning free fire

Friends, there will be many of you players who play Free Fire game and say Noob – Noob after seeing a player , but do you know its Hindi meaning? According to us, you do not know the meaning of this, yes but you do know that when a player starts playing the free fire game, he does not know much about the game and he is not able to play the game well. We tease him using the word Noob.

Friends, it takes at least 3 months for any new player to learn free fire game and still he is not able to play the game in comparison to good players, due to which he becomes a laughing stock and people tease him with the word Noob. Let us know what is the meaning of Noob in Free Fire.

Noob meaning in hindi : अनाड़ी

The word Noob is also called Dumb in English .

Come friends, now we know who is the biggest noob player in free fire?


Who is Noob Player in ff?


Friends, every player who starts playing the free fire game new is called Noob player , because that player does not know much about the game and that player plays less games than others, so that player’s game play. Not so good.

If we talk about Richest Noob in India, then people name Lokesh Gamer (YouTuber) because he invests a lot of money in the game but his gameplay is not as good as it should be, maybe that is the reason why people call him Free Fire. The Richest noob player of all time.

As you all know in our country of India, if a person becomes successful in any way, then people start making fun of him, similarly people also make fun of our Indian YouTuber Lokesh Gamer.

It would not be wrong to say that the game play of Lokesh Gamer is not so good but it is also true that the game play of Lokesh Gamer is not as bad as people believe. I have searched on many websites till now and I came to know that every website has called our dear Lokesh gamer as Richest Noob.

Friends, we should not do such stupid things inside the game because it can make someone feel bad, that’s why we have written this article so that we can make people understand that Free Fire has that Noob player who starts the game anew. And who does not have much knowledge of the game.


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When we also started playing the game, we also did not know much about the game, so people used to tease us by calling us Noob, at that time we used to feel very bad, similarly if you say this to any other player then that The player may also find it very bad.

Friends, three types of words are used very much in Free Fire.

  • Noob
  • Pro
  • Legend

Apart from this, there are many names such as – Bot, Ultra legend, ultra max legend etc. We have made these words and not Garena Free Fire, so if we are saying such words to someone, then we have to take care that the player in front should not feel bad about this thing.


Last word:

Friends hope that the information given by us is Who is Noob player in ff. If you have understood this information, then you can share it with your friends so that they can also know that making fun of someone is not a good thing.


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